What is the purpose of providing malware and phishing alert software with SSL certificate? Isn't SSL security foolproof?

The scope of protection provided by an SSL certificate is limited to securing the to-and-fro data transactions from a website, however it is also vital to ensure the server side and website pages’ security. For example, attackers often exploit vulnerabilities on customer’s webserver to use his website to distribute viruses and steal confidential data from his customers, and to bury phishing attack pages deep into his website as well. If Google identifies a domain as one being used for such malicious activities, it blacklists it without any further notification.

ZNetLive's security solutions provide a holistic protection to customers' complete online presence, and hence, all of ZNetLive's SSL certificates come with free Malware and Phishing detection software– so as to provide a complete security package for customer’s website at no additional cost.

Our partnership with StopTheHacker provides daily to hourly malware scans across all pages on customer’s SSL secured domain, and on detection of malware, the customer is alerted instantly. Also, our partnership with Netcraft, provides ZNetLive’s SSL customers with round the clock alerts and on identification of a phishing page by Netcraft, the customer is notified of its location in his website.

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