What is the meaning of error: 'Unable to resolve host name' or 'Unknown host'?

This error indicates that your hostname failed to translate into an IP address. Usually, this error occurs when you change the hostname of your system.

Please check the details in the Address field as entered by you. Also, check if the hostname of your FTP server and IP address is correct. You may also need to contact your DNS (Domain Name Servers) service provider (who is your domain registrar) to understand the cause of the error and any further action requirements.

Error Identification

  • Once you enter the hostname by using the command prompt, following error appears on FileZilla FTP.

See Screenshot of Command Prompt:

See Screenshot of FileZilla FTP Client:

Troubleshooting Steps

1. If your FTP hostname/domain name which you are trying to connect is correct, then issue may be with DNS resolution or your Domain.

In this case, check your domain name's availability by using the who.is tool. Here, you need to simply enter your domain name on the main page and you'll get the information about the domain if it is available or not. In this case, please make sure that the domain status is Active.

See Screenshot:

2. If the domain is showing as active but not working, then there may be an issue with your DNS server. The easiest way to see if your domain's DNS records are set up correctly is by checking them in a DNS records checker tool.

See Screenshot: