What is the difference between Shared & Dedicated hosting?

ZNetLive offers a multitude of options in hosting which can support even the most challenging website requirements. Selection of right hosting is an integral part of website planning process. Dedicated servers may be an integral requirement in many cases, but shared hosting plans are capable of fulfilling the hosting requirements of many websites, many user bases or business models as long as the website follows certain rules and regulations.

ZNetLive has various shared hosting plans to fulfill almost any web hosting requirement. Here is an overview of different shared and dedicated hosting plans on the offer:

(A)    Shared Environment

·    Linux Shared is the most common shared hosting type that satisfies common requirements of any basic website.
·    Windows Shared is another type of common shared hosting that uses different OS -Windows, instead of Linux OS to utilize different software like ASP .net and MSSQL.

(B)    Dedicated Environment

·    Dedicated Hosting grants complete resources and server control to the users. This hosting has nearly zero limitations in terms of CPU usage, email and processes.

Irrespective of the hosting environment, you will be provided ZNetLive's 24X7 technical support:)






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