Why should I go for cloud VPS and why is it more advantageous than shared or dedicated package?

In cloud VPS hosting, virtualization technology is used to partition a computer virtually into multiple servers. No physical partition is there but because of virtual or software partition, each user is given much more privacy and security as compared to the shared hosting. It’s like travelling in comfortable business class seat in an aircraft, where you get your own privacy, better services as well as space to stretch yourself conveniently. The price for better services is obviously more but is not as exorbitant as the cost of private jet ownership. Similarly, VPS is not as costly as the dedicated hosting package,

Advantages of VPS:

ü  Zero Worries: With VPS, you don’t have to worry about speed, performance, updates, infrastructure as well as backup in case of natural calamities as the server maintenance is done by the VPS hosting provider itself.

ü  Safety: You get your own IP address and mail server in VPS hosting that prevents you from getting into spam blacklist or bounced mails due to someone else’s spamming activities. 

ü  Isolation: With your own resources and operating system, you are completely isolated from other users and whatever they do with their server.

ü  Sole Ownership: VPS offers root access through which you can access your server directly.

ü  Cost effectiveness: It offers you the freedom associated with owning your machine like with dedicated server but at considerably lower prices and that too as a pay-as–you go service.

ü  Security: Virtual hosting also provides more security than shared servers because of seclusion from others.

ü  Scalability & Customization: Data is hosted on scalable servers and so you can customize and scale up with the growth in your website traffic.

It is perfect for SMBs and those organizations whose websites may witness a flare in their traffic occasionally as it allows starting on a small basis and scaling up as and when the requirement increases. It is also perfect for a shared client to move to the more spacious VPS. Some conditions when taking VPS is mandatory:

·     Customized application installation: If you want to install applications according to your wish, you should go for VPS or dedicated hosting environment as shared and reseller plans do not allow any changes in the server software and hardware, in case they adversely affect other server users.

·     Multiple email Users - If your office has many email users (same IP address connection), then you should go for VPS. The reason being limitation of POP & IMAP connections to 30 per hour per connection IP in shared and reseller plans.


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