What is bandwidth and how much would I require?

Bandwidth, in the web hosting industry, refers to the amount of data transferred to and from a server or a website.

ZNetLive provides 'Unlimited Bandwidth' with the Shared Hosting plans with which you can transfer unlimited data to and from your hosting account. Most of the new site owners are unaware as to how much bandwidth would be required by their site.

However, required bandwidth can be estimated easily through the following method: 

1.   Calculate the average size of the page in your website, in kilobytes (KB). In case you do not know it, you can utilize Pingdom’s Load Time test with a few pages and then find their average.

2.   Now this number is multiplied with the average number of visitors expected per month.

3.   The result obtained is multiplied with the average number of page views per visitor.

However, proper care must be taken that this calculation needs to be done for all your sites hosted on the server. For example, if you possess four domains on the same account, then you need to calculate average page size, average number of visitors and page views for all domains.

These calculations would give you a rough idea of how much is your bandwidth requirement as these calculations do not include real world scenario and challenges that may affect your bandwidth usage.


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