What is ASP or Active Server Pages?
What is ASP or Active Server Pages?

Active Server Pages (ASP), developed by Microsoft, is the first server-side scripting language for servers using Windows OS. ASP, also known as ASP Classic or Classic ASP is superseded by ASP.NET that was released in 2002. ASP.NET, the new version, is based upon Microsoft’s .NET framework.

With ASP Classic, one can use the default VBScript language and MicroSoft’s ECMAScript implementation-Jscript. ASP Classic files have .asp extension and are interpreted when the page is loaded or during runtime. Compiled ASP.NET files have .aspx extension making them more robust and faster than ASP scripting.

The code of ASP and ASP.NET code is similar but it is not readily interchangeable. However, the pages of ASP.NET may still have some ASP scripting.

ASP on Windows Hosting

We offer Windows shared hosting, Windows VPS hosting, Windows Reseller hosting and Windows dedicated hosting, which support ASP Classic and ASP.NET.  

ASP on Linux Hosting

We do not support ASP on Linux as ASP doesn’t run on Linux server with full functionality, however, you can run it yourself using some workaround like installing the mono project framework (see mono-project.com/Main_Page) for running ASP.NET and it requires that you should have the root access.

It’s best to go for Windows hosting only if you have your website designed or some applications in ASP or ASP.NET, otherwise, Linux should be the preferred choice as prices are also the same.


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