Start using the WordPress website purchased as part of the bundled offer.
Start using the WordPress website purchased as part of the bundled offer.

You can easily create your WordPress website on your domain name that you ordered with the bundle, with pre-defined themes using the drag and drop editor. With functionalities like SSL security, WordPress Toolkit that comes with Smart Updates and SEO Toolkit, you are sure to lead the search engine rankings.

Note: Until your domain gets propagated, your website and email will not function, hence, you have been provided a temporary URL in the welcome mail, which you can use to view your website and upload files in the meantime.

Now, you have to focus your attention on editing your WordPress website and making it interesting and useful for your visitors.

1)    Login to your WordPress dashboard. (You can login to your WordPress admin dashboard using the credentials that you'd have got in your Start-up IT kit welcome mail.  )
2)    Start editing and using your WordPress Website by following the steps given in the WordPress Hosting section in this knowledgebase. 

In case you need to change settings on your WordPress website, like (WHOIS details, automatic updates, application tools, changing passwords, etc.) please refer to Setting up WordPress website in the WordPress hosting section in this KB. 

In case, you need any help, get in touch with [email protected]

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