Start using the productivity tools included in your Start-Up IT Kit
  1. How to set-up and start using Skype for Business?

Skype for Business, included in your Startup IT kit provides a complete online meeting solution using video, audio or web conferencing, with any device of your choice.

Click on this link to know how you can install Skype for Business.

  1. What’s included in my Office Suite?

You get the latest versions of following in your Office Suite:

  • With these tools, you can work best and capture your ideas—using a pen, keyboard or a touchscreen.
  • You can easily format information in Excel using tools that recognize your pattern and autocomplete data for you.
  • You can easily include content from PDFs for creating your own attractive-looking Word documents.
  • You can create marketing materials suiting your needs with these easy to use tools.
  1. What is Planner? What can I do with it?

Planner helps you get a visual tool for organizing your teamwork. Your teams can make new plans, organize and assign tasks, chat about their tasks, share files, set due dates, and update their status. Planner, that’s included in your Start-up IT kit, also offers you the ability of associating documents with specific tasks, editing them with your team and having conversations around them.

Learn more about it by watching video here.

  1. How much Online Storage have I got? What can I use it for?

You have got 1 TB of OneDrive storage or cloud storage that you can access from anywhere, on any device. With it, you can easily share documents with your internal teams and also with those outside your organization. Moreover, you can control who sees and edits the file you share.

Learn more about it by watching this video here.

  1. What’s professional email? What is my mailbox size and how many attachments can I send?

With Professional Email you get with the Start-up IT kit, you get business-class email that you can access from web or from your desktop, in the form of Outlook. Each user gets a 50 GB mailbox and can send attachments up to 150 MB.

Learn more about it by watching this video here.

  1. What’s SharePoint? What can I use it for?

SharePoint empowers you to drive communication, broadcast your message, share news or resources within your teams and organization. It promotes collaboration and sharing on the intranet. This helps you drive efficiency across your organization with streamlined processes and shared applications. With it, you can create sites and portals to engage people, connect them to content, expertise, actionable insights and collective knowledge.

Learn more about it by watching this video here.

  1. How can I do better Team Work with Teams?

With your start-up kit, you get Teams, a chat-centered workspace that can help you to achieve more, together with your team. It serves as a teamwork hub, provides instant access to chat, content, and tools into a single workspace. It also supports meetings and video calls, helping teams to meet live, whether scheduled or on demand. With it, your team members can collaborate with different teams easily and search across chats, people, and files anytime.

To learn more via video, click this link.

  1. What is internal social network? How can it better my team work?

Yammer- your internal social network, can help you to better engage with everyone within your organization via social networking. It will help you enhance communication for creating a culture of transparency by keeping everyone informed, aligned, and moving forward towards the organizational goal. With it, you can create communities to bring people together around shared interests, topics or areas of practice.

Learn more about it by taking an interactive demo here.

  1. What is Digital Story telling? How can it help me?

Digital Story telling services are provided to you via Sway, an app for business that helps you and your team to express their ideas via an interactive canvas that’s web-based. With it, you can produce professional, visually-appealing presentations, reports, etc. without extensive formatting or training. You can get the look and feel with easy modifications. Your creation will look good on any browser, any screen, and can be shared with others with a simple link.

To learn more, see Sway.

  1. What is Appointments Manager? How can I manage my meetings and bookings with it?

With your Start-up IT kit, you get an online mobile app that simplifies how customers schedule and manage their appointments with you. They can visit your bookings page, book the time and service they require and get a confirmation mail along with calendar invitation. They can reschedule or cancel it easily too. Bookings take care of all confirmations and reminders for you.

For more information about Bookings, go to Publish your business calendar online.

  1. How can Customer Manager help me manage my customers?

This app helps you spend less time on managing data and more time with your customers. Customer Manager automatically organizes your information, like emails, calls, meetings, notes, deadlines, tasks and deals in one place. You get timely reminders and a centralized list of your crucial deals and contacts to ensure you get what you need timely.

Learn more about it by watching this video here.

  1. How can work management make my work easier?

StaffHub, a cloud-based application, that you get with the startup kit, lets both - workers and managers keep in touch and manage schedules by leveraging their mobile devices. Employees can use it for requesting time off, trading shifts, and for communicate with other employees. They can also send messages to each other or to complete team. While managers can use it for sending messages, creating schedules, and sending team news or organization announcements.

To learn more, go to the StaffHub website.

  1. What is chat interface? What can I do with it?

Kaizala, the chat interface that you get, makes it easy for you to connect and coordinate with your firstline workers, partners, and customers, irrespective of where they are, by using a simple-to-use chat interface. Learn more

  1. How will workflow automation help me manage my work?

Flow allows you to automate workflows across different applications. You can use Flow for connecting email and Instant Message (IM) alerts, synchronizing files between applications, collecting data from one app and storing in another, copying files from one service to another, and more. You can use templates to begin with.

To learn more about Flow capabilities and how to use them, go to the Flow website.

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