Why create a support ticket at ZNetLive?

Support ticket allows users to report problems or ask for help/action on certain issues to experience seamless services.

  • It is a system of records which helps you in keeping track of your issue from your member panel at any given time. As details and responses related to the issue are recorded in the ticket system, you do not need to repeat your problem or re-explain it again and again to different customer support personnel-a common problem when you miss a conversation over phone or live chat.
  • Request is automatically moved to the relevant department which ensures speedy resolution of the issues.
  • Ticket system is easy to access as you can raise ticket directly from website as well as from within your member panel anytime as per your convenience.
  • Since it is a written and registered complaint so you are always well informed throughout the process.
  • The whole process of ticket raising at ZNetLive is client friendly and easy to use.
  • It gives visibility and clarity to your issue as you can include screen shots or multiple attachments with ticket to provide a more apparent description of the issue.

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