How to configuring website's home folder settings?
  • Go to the control panel URL.
  • Enter Username/password.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button.
  • Click on the “WebSite” Icon.
  • Open the web site properties page.


Home directory location

  • Select “Folder in your Hosting Space” option to point web site to some folder within the hosting space.
  • Select “Redirection to URL” to redirect all requests from a client application.

Security settings

  • Tick “Enable Write Permissions” option to allow web site users uploading files and their associated properties.
  • Tick “Enable Directory Browsing” to allow web site visitors seeing a hypertext listing of the files and subdirectories in this site.
  • Tick “Enable Parent Paths” to allow web pages to use relative paths to the parent directory of the current directory (paths using the “..” syntax).


  • Tick “Allow Anonymous Access” to allow anonymous connection to this web site.
  • Tick “Enable Integrated Windows Authentication” to require web site users entering their credentials in order to access the web site.
  • Tick “Enable Basic Authentication” to require web site users entering their credentials in order to access the web site.

Default Documents

  • Default documents are used by a  web server to identify a default document.
Creating Virtual Directories  
  • A virtual directory is a friendly name, or alias, for a physical directory on your server that does not reside in the home directory.
  • To see the list of virtual directories click on the “Virtual Dirs” tab.


  • To create a new virtual directory click on the “Create Directory” button.


  • Specify virtual directory name and select its root folder.
  • Click on the “Create Directory” button to finish the wizard.
  • When directory is created you will be redirected to the screen with its properties.


Properties look very similar to Web Site properties.

View this explanatory video to easily understand the process of configure website's home folder setting WebsitePanel.   

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