How to back up and restore SQL Server Database?

To backup SQL Server database open its properties screen:

  • Click on the Database name.
  • Expand "Maintenance Tool" section and click on the "Backup" button under the section.


  • Enter the backup File name.
  • Select your preferred method for storing backup. You can download it immediately or copy to some folder within your hosting space.
  • Click on the " Backup" Button.
    The control panel produces SQL Server backups in the BAK format. The resulting file could be very large, depending upon the actual size of the database and its transaction log, but you can compress it by ticking the “ZIP Backup” option.


Restoration of SQL Database

  • To restore SQL Server database click “Restore” button under the "Maintenance Tool" section.


  • Click on the “Browse…” button to select the backup file from your local file system or tick the “Hosting Space File” option and then pick the backup file from the hosting space file system. 
  • Click on the “Restore” button to finish the restoration wizard.

View this video tutorial and learn more about how to back up and restore SQL Server Database in WebsitePanel.  

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