Entourage 2004
Entourage 2004

How to configure entourage 2004 setup?

To configure entourage 2004 setup, follow the steps given below:

To set up Microsoft Entourage to connect to your Hosted Exchange mailbox, do the following:

1. Log into your User Control Panel at the following URL: admin.emailsrvr.com/usercp.

2. Under the Client Setup section, click the Entourage 2004 link. This will open the Setting Up Entourage 2004 window. You will need this information to set up the account.

3. Open Entourage.

4. Select Tools / Accounts.

5. Select New / Exchange.

6. Click the “Configure account manually” button.

7. Enter the following information in the spaces provided:

• Account Name–Enter a descriptive name for the account (e.g., Work Account).
 Name–Enter your first and last name. This name will be visible when you send and receive email.
• E-mail address–Enter your full email address (e.g., [email protected])
• Account ID–Enter the Account ID from the Setting Up Entourage 2004 window. The Account ID is not the same as the email address.
• Domain–Enter the Domain Name from the Setting Up Entourage 2004 window.
• Password–Enter the password for your email address. This password is case-sensitive.
• Exchange Server–Enter the Exchange Server address from the Setting Up Entourage 2004 window.

8. Check the “This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL)” checkbox.

9. Click the Advanced tab.

10. In the Public Folders Server box, enter the Public Folder Server address from the Setting Up Entourage 2004 window.

11. Click the OK button until you are back to the main Entourage window.

12. Select Send / Receive to connect to the Hosted Exchange server.

Sharing Calendars

1. Click the Calendar link.

2. Select Edit / Folder Properties.

3. Click the Permissions tab.

4. Click the Add User button.

5. Enter the name of the Hosted Exchange user you want to share your calendar with.

6. Select the name of the user you just added.

7. In the Permission Level drop-down menu, select a permission level. Reviewer rights are usually adequate.

8. Click the OK button.

Viewing a User’s Shared Calendar

1. Select File / Open Other User’s Folder.

2. Click the Find User icon, located to the right of the User box.

3. In the Search box, enter the user’s name (or part of the name), and then click Find.

4. Select the user’s name from the list, and then click the Advanced button.

5. In the Server Address box, enter the Exchange Server address from the Setting Up Entourage 2004 window mentioned above, but instead of using your own email address in the end, substitute the shared calendar user’s email address.

6. Be sure that “Requires a secure connection (uses SSL)” box is checked. Then click OK. The user’s calendar will now show up under your calendar.

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