How can an FTP client be configured ?

When you configure a FTP client through this interface, a script will download to your computer. When you run this script, the FTP client will automatically be opened, configured, and connected to your FTP server.

Remember: You must install the FTP client on your computer before you download and run the script file. For instructions on how to do this, go to the FileZilla or Core FTP websites for Windows computers, or the Cyberduck website for Mac computers.

To configure an FTP client:

  • Click on the Configure FTP Client for the desired FTP account.
  • Select an FTP client. You can choose between Filezilla, Core FTP, or Cyberduck.
  • Click on the appropriate FTP or SFTP configuration link.
    1. SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol and is an extension of SSH protocol.
    2. Click Instructions (new window) to view detailed instructions for your chosen client.
  • Open and run the configuration script file that has been downloaded to your computer.

Note: cPanel currently  supports only the three FTP clients for auto configuration. You may use other client, but then will need to configure the client yourself.

The FTP client will automatically open and configure itself, and connect to your FTP server. Then, you will be free to manage your website’s content. If you encounter problems when you try to automatically configure your FTP client, make sure your client is properly installed on your computer. If the problems persist, consult your FTP client’s documentation.

Note: If you experience problems when you attempt to log in to your FTP account, consult the Manual Settings shown on the FTP Accounts screen to ensure that you have used the correct login.



View this video to understand the process of FTP client configure in the cPanel 

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