Statistics Software Configuration

This function allows you to choose what statistics programs will be run on your server. You can also choose whether or not to allow users to determine what statistics programs they will use. 

For statistics software configuration please refer steps given below:

  • To access the Server Configuration Menu, click on Server Configuration
  • Click on Statistics Software Configuration.
  • To allow users to determine which statistics programs they will use, click on the box nest to Allow users to change their web statistics generating software.
  • Beneath Allow the following statistics generating programs to run, make sure the box next to a program's name is checked to allow it to run.
  • Beneath Run the following generators by default. (Until modified by the user),make sure the box next to a program's name is checked to run it automatically for all users.
  • If you wish for all users to be able to change their statistics generating software, make sure the box underneath Modify is checked.
  • Click on any Save button to save your changes.
  • Click on User Permissions to choose which users are able to determine whichstatistics programs they will use.

View this video tutorial to learn more about the Statistics Software Configuration in WHM .

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