Update Preferences

This feature allows you to define how your server handles updates and upgrades. You can specify your preferences for cPanel & WHM, your operating system’s RPMs, and Apache SpamAssassin™ rules.

  • You can select which updates you would like to receive from DarkORB automatically, if any. There are three package types available:
    • cPanel Updates - Updates to cPanel.
    • DarkOrb Package Updates - Updates to DarkOrb packages, such as exim,proftpd, and any RPMs (Red Hat Package Manager) DarkOrb build.
    • Security Package Updates - Updates to security packages.
  • Each package update has the following options available:
    • Automatic - Package is updated automatically as releases become available.
    • Manual Updates Only - Package is updated manually. All updates are available for manual download from the cPanel.net site.
    • Never Update - Disables the automatic update function.
  • cPanel and WebHost Manager package updates contains one of the following build types:
    • EDGE - A development release that has undergone the least amount of testing.
    • RELEASE - A formal release that has undergone extensive testing.
    • STABLE - A formal release that has shown no problems during use by customers.

For update preferences please refer the steps given below:

  • To access the Server Configuration Menu, click on Server Configuration
  • Click on the "Update preferences".
  • Click on the required radio buttons for the cPanel, DarkORB, and Security packages.
  • Click on the "Save" button.

View this video tutorial to learn more about the Update Preferences in WHM

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