Change Hostname

The Change Hostname option enables you to change the hostname of your server. It is important to choose a hostname that will not be used for any account,and the hostname must be socially acceptable, as it will appear in all mail headers. The hostname must be a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). All valid hostnames must have at least 2 dots in them, for example

WebHost Manager automatically generates 10 random hostnames based on your current hostname as samples which you can use.

NOTE: Your hostname should be a Fully Qualified Domain Name that will not be used elsewhere on the server. You should never set your hostname to a name that is already used (www, ftp, mail, etc) or to the name of an account on the server (

For the change host name please refer the given above steps:

  • To access the Networking Setup Menu, click on the "Networking Setup".
  • Click on the "Change Hostname" section.
  • Enter your changed hostname in the New Hostname field.
  • Click on the "Change" button.

View this video tutorial to learn more about Change Hostname in WHM

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