How can I login to my WordPress Dashboard ?

Once your WordPress site is Live, you have two options for accessing the dashboard (the back end) of your WordPress site where you can create and manage all of the site's content, posts, comments, media and more.

  • Option #1 (recommended):
    • Log in to ZNetlive's member Panel 
    • Click on Current Services.
    • Click on WordPress Hosting.
    • Click on the "Login to WordPress" icon in the manage tab.
  • Option #2:
    • Log in to your WordPress dashboard manually by typing your website name followed by /wp-admin in the browser.

For example:

  • of WordPress login URL for 30 Day Free Trial version)
  • http://your_website_name/wp-admin (Format of WordPress login URL for Paid WordPress Hosting)

Now, use the login details provided to you in your welcome mail.

Note: Read the Welcome mail (Subject: ZNetLive - Your WordPress Website is Live and ready to use) in full and keep it handy for quick lookups, as it contains all the information you need to effectively use your account.

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