How to create the first web page of a WordPress website ?

Once your WordPress website is live, you will get a readymade single page (“Hello World”) website. To create your own first page of WordPress website, login to your WordPress dashboard and then proceed as follows:

Click on the “Customize Your Site” tab.

To customize the appearance of your WP website, use the following tools from the left side pane and keep an eye on the preview pane to see the changes you are making.

  • Set Title and Tagline – Here you can change the default Title (My Blog) and Tagline (My WordPress Blog) to the desired Title and Tagline you want for your site.
  • Colors – Here you can customize the colors combination of your site by selecting your preferred color for Base, Background, Text, Header and Sidebar.
  • Header Image – Here you can add an image that will appear in the header.
  • Background Image – Here you can add an image that will appear in the background of the webpage.
  • Static Front Page – Here you can choose from two options to display on your front page, either your latest posts or a static page (Home page - You can select from the list of pages available on your website).
  • Click Save & Publish to create the page.


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