How can users access webmail without signing out from cPanel?

Users need not sign out from cPanel to access the webmail.

If your domain name is propagated, use Prior to that, you can also use http://your-ip-address/webmail/. A pop-up window will appear where the user must enter the following information:

  •  User Name: the full email address (
  • Password: the password for the email account in question.

You can restrict which email program your webmail users are allowed to, using following steps:

  •  Login to cPanel.
  • Click on "Subdomains".
  • You will see a blank form to fill out with name "". In that blank spot enter what you want to use as your subdomain. For example, "webmail".
  • Once you get a confirmation message, click the "go back" link (do not use the back button!).
  • In the next field select the in the box and click on "Setup Redirection".
  • In the page that loads next, enter one of the following URLs for the program you want users to be able to access. The trailing slash must be used:

    Squirrel Mail: squirrelmail/index.php/

  • Click on "Save". Try and access .Login with your username and password, you should automatically be at the program of your choice.

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