How do I migrate my website content to the new website?
How do I migrate my website content to the new website?

You can use the feature of Web Site Migration to migrate your site, files, folders and databases to us. Content from both Linux and Windows servers can be migrated to us using Plesk.

To initiate content migration, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Websites & Domains section of the domain to which the content will be migrated – the target website, and click on Website Importing.
    2. Mention the domain name of the source website, along with FTP username and password.
    3. Click on OK.

Plesk will connect to the source website and begin content scanning. In case, it doesn’t begin, ensure that the domain name of the source website resolves to the destination server’s correct IP address. Also check that the FTP server on source is properly operating with no ports on either servers getting filtered by firewall. Lastly, ensure that FTP credentials are accurate and FTP user has access to all files and directories of the source website.

Once you have a successful connection, select the content to be migrated.

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