How do I migrate my WordPress installation to managed WordPress hosting?

You can use the feature of Web Site Migration to migrate your site, files, folders and databases to us. Once a site migration is initiated, Plesk begins scanning the source website and lists all WP installations. Any of these can be migrated to the target server, including the database and the files.

Follow the steps below to migrate a WP installation:

    1. Within WordPress, select the installation(s) to be migrated.
    2. Change the destination server location if needed. By default, the folder with WP installation files is sent to the same location as document root occupied by it on the source server.
    3. Now, click on Start Import.

The installation status will change from ‘Ready for import’ to ‘Queued’ to ‘In Progress’. When ‘Imported’ status is visible, it means that the WP installation is now migrated to the destination and can be viewed in Websites & Domains > WordPress section.

After migrating a WP installation, you can migrate it again with Re-sync button. The changes previously made on the destination server will be overwritten with this command.

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