How do I clone my WordPress site?
How do I clone my WordPress site?

Cloning a site creates a same copy of it with all the files, database and settings of the site intact. It is needed when:

    • You have a staging WP site (non-public version) on a different subdomain or domain and want it published to a production domain for making it available publicly.
    • You have a production (public) WP site and you want a staging site, so that you can modify it, without affecting the live environment.
    • You need different copies of a WP site to make different changes to each one (like for a client project from which he or she can choose the best one)
    • You need a ‘master’ copy of your WP site with pre-configured theme, plugins, settings, to clone it for starting a client’s new development project.

Follow the below steps to clone a WordPress site:

      1. Go to Websites & Domains section and click on WordPress in the right-side menu.

      1. Next to the name of WP installation which you want to clone, click on the Clone button.

      1. Click on new subdomain and select destination where WP site will get cloned.

Next select any of the options mentioned below:

    • Make a new subdomain and type the needed name. Next select the parent domain.
    • Make use of an existing subdomain or domain on same or other subscription. Select the domain or subdomain you need from the list.
    • If the site that’s being cloned is on a subdomain, then the new subdomain link has to be replaced with the link of existing domain/subdomain. For this case, select the destination as an existing subdomain or domain.

Note: The domain or subdomain that’s chosen as destination should not be used by an existing site. The cloning may damage or make you lose your existing site data.

    1. A database will be formed for WP installation that’s being created at the time of cloning.  Change the database name that’s generated automatically by clicking on it, like wordpress_9 here. You can choose the database that will host the new site if many MySQL servers are registered.

    1. Click on OK after selecting the destination and DB name.

Following cloning, you’ll see the newly cloned site among list of your WordPress installations.

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