What you can do with Amazon EC2?

Amazon EC2 provides you with virtual computing environment and the means of creating instances i.e. virtual machines on the AWS infrastructure.


  • With Amazon EC2’s elastic web scale cloud computing, you can increase or decrease capacity within minutes, not hours or days. You can  commission one, hundreds, or even thousands of server instances simultaneously.
  • You can establish complete control on your computing reseources and control your instances while interacting with instances as well. You can stop any instance, restart the same instance, reboot instances remotely.
  • Using Amazon EC2 you can develop and deploy applications faster and eliminate your need to invest in hardware up front.
  • With Amazon EC2’s simple web service interface you can obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction.
  • You can reduce the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes, and quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change.
  • You can chnage the economics of your computing by paying only for actual capacity usage.
  • Get tools to build failure resilient applications and to isolate them from common failure scenarios.


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