What is a backup plan?

Backups are defined by the backup plans with the following parameter sets:

What to backup?

Where to store and schedule the backup?

How long to keep options?

Backup plan can contain different tasks, depending on the settings. Each backup type (full, differential, incremental) and additional task (retention, validation, replication) is stored in the backup plan as a separate task and runs by its own rules (schedule).

One backup plan can have only one set of settings, and if those are modified for any machine, you must choose whether to modify the plan on all machines, or create a new plan.

Account hierarchy defines how the backup and administrator accounts see the backup plans. User account can see only plans applied to machines associated with that user account. If plan was created by an administrator account, user account cannot modify it. If the backup plan was created by a higher hierarchy administrator, it cannot be modified on a lower level even by the administrator account.


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