How can I stay safe from fraudulent email and phishing?

What is Phishing?

In phishing, the sender impersonates the identity of a legitimate brand like ZNet Technologies mostly via an email or a text message.

The email or message may contain a link to a form or the company website (an impersonated one), prompting the receiver to enter his/her personal information.

What is the objective behind a Phishing Attack?

To get access to the receivers personal information like banking details, passwords, credit card numbers and to steal money or identity.

How to spot a Phishing email?

The best defence against phishing emails and messages is awareness. Look for the following red flags:

  • Urgent CTAs (call-to-actions) and threats

Phishing emails tend to create a false sense of urgency. The mail may ask the receiver to make an urgent payment to avoid a service termination or claim a discount, etc. Slow down before you respond to such emails.

  • Lack of professional tone and email etiquettes

Reputed brands and organizations like ZNet Technologies use proper email etiquettes and there are no grammatical errors in mails. If the email contains obvious spelling and grammar errors, you must re-check the sender email ID and avoid clicking on any suspicious link.

  • Generic Greetings

As a regular customer of a reputed organization, you must receive personalized emails addressing you by your name. Generic greetings like Dear Sir/Madam should be carefully analysed before taking any actions.

  • Email Domain

The most important thing to check is the email address. If an email is from ZNet but contains a different email domain or an unfamiliar one, you must avoid clicking on any link or downloading any attachments.

For example, in the below email screenshots, the email appears to be from a genuine sender, however, if you closely look at the email address or domain (highlighted), it is different from ZNet. 

Another example:

You must notice how the email also misses email etiquettes.

The email you receive from ZNet, must contain your name (the one you used while registering with us) and an authentic email domain, like:

(The above email domains are for your reference only. If you receive any suspicious email, feel free to get in touch with us or your account manager)

What happens if I click on a link and end up submitting my personal information?

If that happens, you must immediately contact your bank or block your credit/debit card to avoid any misuse. 

Please note that only your bank can cancel any fraudulent activities.

If you have entered your ZNetLive account password on a fraudulent site, you can take the following steps:  

  • Log in to your ZNetLive Customer Panel.
  • Change your password.

We always recommend activation of the two-factor authentication.

Reporting a Phishing Email

If you have checked the email for the above mentioned red flags and you think it is an attempt to spoof ZNetLive identity, please report it to us at

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