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What is Mail Server Management?

Email server, is your company's virtual post office, where you can find all mails at a unified place. It consists of a storage area where all mails are stored for authorized users. It also maintains a database of all user accounts and communication modules that handle the complete cycle of mail.

Mail server management services include a wide range of processes to manage mail setup, planning, deployment, mail server backup, maintenance and much more.

Basically a mail server management will focus on two things:

  • Availability of mail servers and their performance monitoring.

  • Response time of the mail server to any client request.

 Mail Server Management

Why Choose ZNetLive?

Get the right mix of control and management.

Mail server monitoring capabilities
Mail server monitoring capabilities
Our mail server management services ensure extensive server monitoring. From availability of servers to their response time till issue notifications, we give insights into your mail server management.
24X7 support
24X7 support
Our team of technical experts and server management administrators ensure that you get support as and when you need it.
Email security and spam filtering
Email security and spam filtering
We ensure that your mail server is always protected against malicious threats, spam, phishing attacks and more.
Complete lifecycle management of mail server
Complete lifecycle management of mail server
We provide end to end solution for mail server maintenance from planning to controlling and updating.

Mail Services by ZNetLive

Experience the power of next gen mail services

ZNetLive's mail server management services support a wide range of email solutions. We bring easy and flexible mail services to ensure smooth business communication with highly accessible and agile mail servers.


SmarterMail is known for its high scalable and collaborative business email and messaging tools. It is the best fit for any organization, irrespective of domains and number of users. The major features include:
  • Intuitive and flexible webmail interface to give you instant access to mails through any browser.

  • Secure team chat to facilitate sharing of messages within teams.

  • High sync capabilities across mobiles devices, desktop and tablets.

  • Efficient collaboration capabilities to make sharing of files and documents easy.

Mail Enable

Mail Enable is an end to end solution for giving secure access to mails and facilitating easy sharing of files and documents with high collaboration features. It is the most acceptable Windows mail server alternative. It is the best fit for any organization or email hosting provider. Major features include:
  • Cost effective email solution for organizations.

  • Integration capability with Microsoft Outlook.

  • It ensures Windows messaging and integration with other applications.

  • Its latest version also supports international domain names.

Office 365

Microsoft's productivity solution - Office 365, stands as one of the widely used communication suites within organizations. It enables internal as well as external messaging, data storage and communication with ease with its various tools like Skype, OneDrive, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, Yammer etc. As Office 365 email solution provider, we offer complete management of Office 365 services. Major features include:
  • Easy communication and collaboration between teams.

  • High security and availability.

  • Cloud platform enables anywhere accessibility to mails and other services.

  • Backup and data recovery process.

Google Apps

It's a web based platform which includes tools for communication and messaging, offered by Google. It also offers emailing solution – Gmail, to facilitate easy mail conversations. All its tools like Gmail, Google calendar, Google talk, Google docs, Google videos etc. enhance productivity of the organizations. Major features include:
  • Professional email for your organization's internal and external communication.

  • Additional and expandable storage facility.

  • Easy Migration tools to transfer mails from legacy systems.

  • Easy device management with password restricted access.

MS Exchange

Microsoft exchange is a mail server developed by Microsoft. Organizations can avail exchange as hosted service from Microsoft or get it as an app in Office 365 suite. It provides business email and communication solution. Major features include:
  • High collaboration features give all time accessibility to organizational communications.

  • Supports multiple devices to help you become more productive.

  • Built with industrial compliance to help protect your data.

  • Email protection against threats, spam and unauthorized user access.


It is an open source platform for email collaboration that includes mail server and web clients. It is an affordable email solution for any organization - be it small or big in size. Major features include:
  • Real time monitoring of mails and backup provisioning.

  • Advanced storage management.

  • Multi user accessibility.

  • It also supports document sharing and calendars using different web interfaces.


Exim is used as a mail transfer agent in platforms using Unix like operating systems. It is a cross platform software and is updated regularly for increasing functionalities. Major features include:
  • Distributed free under GNU general public license.

  • It is highly configurable as compared to other MTAs.

  • It is designed to deliver mail quickly, without any queuing.

  • Its routers contain a wide number of processing elements.


Postfix is a mail transfer agent which is provided as a free and open source software. It is released under the IBM public license 1.0. Major features include:
  • It has a built in junk mail management system.

  • It runs on multiple operators like AIX, BSD, LINUX and much more.

  • It supports various restrictive parameters to allow only relevant mails to come in.

  • It makes use of table look ups instead of address rewriting language.