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MailChimp empowers you to design better emails and send bulk emails with ease along with providing detailed email campaign reports and data insights.

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Features That Make Email Marketing Simple and Effortless

The broad range of features make MailChimp a complete Email Marketing software that can work the way you want it to – from sending target based email campaigns to providing detailed reports and insight into data for making deep analyses to automating your follow-ups using event based triggers. Have a quick look at such features.

Emails with Simple Drag and Drop Editor
Design Beautiful Emails with Simple Drag and Drop Editor

MailChimp's easy drag and drop designing editor allows you to create great looking email campaigns that match your style with ease. Mailchimp provides many collaboration features like provision for multi-user accounts and making comments inside the email design editor, this helps you to accommodate email designing in your workflow and fast track the designing process.

Connect your Ecommerce Store to Sell More

You can also connect MailChimp to your E-commerce store with one of MailChimp's hundreds of e-commerce integrations. Additionally, you can create audience segments and send targeted email campaigns, automate the sending of product follow-up mails and back in stock mails. You can analyze the reports and statistics to learn what your customers are purchasing and accordingly improve your email strategies.

Ecommerce Store
Online Sellers
Complete Control and Automation for Online Sellers

MailChimp has robust email marketing automation to make sure that your emails reach to the right people at the right time. You can exercise complete control on it and target customers based on their preferences, behavior and their purchasing history. You can also trigger a series of mails on occurrence of a specific event and use MailChimp's built-in segmentation for creating custom rules. Improve your automated series mails by getting insights from the in-depth reports.

Advanced Reports and Analyses of your Campaigns

Mailchimp has built-in advanced reporting feature that can be accessed from anywhere. Using this feature, you can get detailed reports and analyses, monitor sales and website activity, and generate revenue reports. You can also use these stats in your emails with dynamic fields by using Google Analytics.

Advanced Reports and Analyses of your Campaigns
MailChimp Features – Accessible on Mobile
All MailChimp Features – Accessible on Mobile

MailChimp also has a suite of mobile apps that let you send email campaigns, check reports, etc. – from anywhere on your mobile. You can also collect signups or subscribers on a tablet with MailChimp Subscribe – both online and offline. Use MailChimp Snap to send a quick product based photo email to an audience segment, for giving product information. All the MailChimp templates are responsive and mobile-ready.

Multiple Integrations with Apps you are already using

MailChimp perfectly integrated with all the popular apps and services like Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, etc. This allows you to sync your data from these apps and services and also import content from these sources and get reports to know how your email campaigns are affecting your business. MailChimp's E-Commerce Collection helps you to track the flow of visitors to your store.

Multiple Integrations with Apps

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