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End to End Support for OpenStack Cloud

OpenStack Experts to Manage Your Private Cloud 24X7

ZNetLive managed OpenStack Private Cloud enables businesses to quickly introduce new products to market, add new features, lower costs and improve internal systems. It also helps in preventing technology lock-in as it leverages the open source cloud platform – OpenStack, that's supported by every IT industry leader.

But, it’s not easy to deploy and manage OpenStack clouds as OpenStack combines a number of open source tools or projects and so requires highly skilled IT team with proven technology expertise. ZNetLive’s experienced technical support team helps organizations to setup, implement, secure, patch, manage and upgrade OpenStack cloud and monitor it round the clock as well.


Features of OpenStack Support Services

Comprehensive Support

ZNetLive OpenStack support team will take care from initial designing, deployment to overall management of your OpenStack cloud. The team will monitor and maintain cloud health including CPU, disk space, memory, uptime etc. with regular patching, troubleshooting, updating, and other services.
Regular Maintenance

Your cloud will be monitored for maintenance as and when needed to update the functions. It is normally scheduled but in case it's needed, the team may perform an emergency maintenance also. Before executing the scheduled maintenance, support team will let you know about the issue, its probable impact on your services, its preparation and other details. The team may perform emergency maintenance in case of some critical issues like security vulnerability or DC infrastructure issue.
Runbooks and Recommendations

At the time of OpenStack cloud implementation, ZNetLive support team will create a tailored runbook after discussing with you. It will comprise standard working procedures on monitoring alerts and customized escalation routes as per your requirement and business' best practices. ZNetLive OpenStack support services will include recommendations for scaling for improving your cloud's performance.

Supported OpenStack Projects and Associated Technologies

OpenStack Projects
Dashboard (Horizon) A graphical user interface for users and system administrators for accessing, provisioning and automating cloud resources.
Compute (Nova) For provisioning and managing large VM networks
Identity Service (Keystone) A user directory with OpenStack services that users can access. Integrated with existing OpenLDAP services to authenticate users.
Orchestration (Heat) With it, app developers can describe and automate infrastructure deployment through templates.
Image Service (Glance) Provides services like registration, delivery and discovery for server and disk images. Supported image formats - Raw, VDI, qcow2, AMI, OVF, VHD, VMDK.
Networking (Neutron) API driven IP and network management that can be plugged and scaled. Manage VLAN and flat provider networks; VLAN, VXLAN and flat overlay (tenant) networks; and layer-3 agents to be used for routing, floating IP addresses and NAT.
Object Storage (Swift) Scalable, redundant object storage leveraging standard server clusters that can store huge quantities of data.
Block Storage (Cinder) Offers persistent block-level storage tools to be used with compute instances of OpenStack. Comprises OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) drivers for NetApp FAS, EMC VNX2, Cinder/LVM and Ceph RBD.
Associated Technologies
Ansible Ansible is an open-source software automation engine that automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment.
Ceph Ceph is a software storage platform which implements object storage on a single distributed computer cluster, and provides interfaces for object, block and file-level storage. It offers exabyte level scalability and has distributed operations with no single failure point.

Support Areas

  Customer Owned Data Center
Customer Services Customer ZNetLive
Round the clock support Has service information Responsibility
Dedicated Account Manager Has service information Responsibility
Dedicated OpenStack Architect (added offering) Has service information Responsibility
Hosted configuration monitoring and hardware monitoring events’ response Participant of the activity Responsibility
Cloud infrastructure configuration monitoring and node OS and hypervisor response Has service information Responsibility
Cloud and configuration backup Has service information Responsibility
Security patches application to cloud Has service information Responsibility
Intrusion detection Responsibility Has service information
Virus scanning of server Responsibility Has service information
DDoS mitigation Responsibility Has service information
Management of firewall Responsibility Participant of the activity
On -request server check for compromise Participant of the activity Responsibility
Third-party security auditing following implementation Responsibility Participant of the activity
Data Center Services
Providing and maintaining
Data Center (DC) facility Responsibility Has service information
Cooling and redundancy Responsibility Has service information
DC physical security Responsibility Has service information
Routing and switching devices Responsibility Participant of the activity
Provisioning IP Block Responsibility Has service information
Power and redundancy Responsibility Has service information
Power and network connectivity Responsibility Has service information
Configuring Firewall Responsibility Has service information
Providing bandwidth Responsibility Has service information
Physically installing devices Responsibility Has service information
Architecture design, review and consultation Participant of the activity Responsibility
Monitoring Services
Monitor and alert for Disk capacity Participant of the activity Responsibility
Sending email alerts Has service information Responsibility
Monitor OpenStack Services Has service information Responsibility
Managing local storage Responsibility Participant of the activity
CPU performance utilization report sharing Has service information Responsibility

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