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ZNetLive Network management tools

Simplify your IT management with secured and well - monitored network

Network Routers
Network Routers
A router connects networks and dispatches the data packets to their destined networks (either for its own or other network). Located at the gateways, routers use headers and forwarding tables to determine the path for packet forwarding and use protocols for communication. They also connect subnets with different network prefix.
Network Firewalls
Network Firewalls
A firewall is the first line of defense for a network, as it screens both - incoming to and outgoing traffic from a network and allows or blocks particular traffic on the basis of already set security rules. It establishes a barrier between your internal- secure and external- unsecure network. Firewall appliances also act as DHCP or VPN server for a network.
Network Load Balancers
Network Load Balancers
Load balancer is a network management tool that divides the traffic between two WAN links such that the network resources are used more efficiently and network overload is avoided. They also balance both outbound and inbound traffic and distribute workloads across multiple CPUs, disk drives and other resources. Network redundancy, high availability, high reliability as well as high scalability are some of the features offered by the network load balancers.
Network Monitoring Tools
Network Monitoring Tools
Network monitoring services monitor your network for problems, reveal faults like failed or misconfigured nodes, performance bottlenecks, unplanned downtime, malicious actors, intrusions etc. and notify you via alerts, alarms, email in case of outages, suggesting possible remedies and improvements. Some of the notable network monitoring software are CACTI, PRTG, NAGIOS and more.

Why Network Management by ZNetLive?

So that you can focus on just one thing - your business growth
A to Z support

Our trained and certified IT professionals manage your mission critical IT network infrastructure and provide support processes for both - LANs and WANs. Our team designs recovery plans as per your business needs and manages them proactively.
Proactive management

We keep a watchful eye. Our three level support system - L1, L2 and L3 identifies issues and take preventive measures, before they become outages. Regular audits are conducted to keep your networks- LAN, VPN and WAN up to date and early warning indicators are issued for expected future outages.
Maximized network performance

We ensure uninterrupted availability of the services. Our network engineers monitor your network devices and servers continually to identify the problems and also remediate them quickly.
Detailed reporting

We generate summary and detailed reports of your networks that are reviewed on the monthly basis by our network administrators.
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