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OpenNebula is a flexible, feature-rich solution that provides complete management capabilities for virtualized data centers for enabling enterprise grade cloud in the organization’s existing IT infrastructure.

24X7X365 support

You can customize your cloud service and have cloud operations conforming to existing policies.

Reduced costs of administration

You get to choose across most popular cloud interfaces and standards.

Completely seamless management

You get to choose your cloud as per your needs – private, public or hybrid as OpenNebula supports all three.

Reduced costs of administration

OpenNebula cloud’s scalability, performance and reliability has been tested on a number of massive production deployments.

Reduced costs of administration

OpenNebula cloud provides all important functionalities for computing, networking and storage in one install, and its single integrated updating and patching process ensures high performance and stability.

Automated Cloud Provisioning and running

You get to use your existing infrastructure, saving cost and avoiding vendor lock-in. Supports a number of hypervisors, networking and storage resources.

But being an advanced technology, set-up and management of OpenNebula cloud is not an easy task and calls for assistance from experts with proven expertise in this technology. ZNetLive addresses the challenges that organizations face while implementing OpenNebula clouds by providing assistance in set-up, configuration, management and monitoring services 24X7X365 by OpenNebula experts.



ZNetLive support team will manage your OpenNebula cloud from initial designing phase to its ongoing management in the production environment. Our support services include installing, configuring, updating, patching, troubleshooting and capacity planning services. We also monitor and maintain the health of your OpneNebula Cloud proactively.

Reduced costs of administration
Scaling and optimizing

ZNetLive team will be recommending necessary things needed to better your cloud performance like scaling and for optimizing your resource utilization.

Completely seamless management
24X7 monitoring

ZNetLive support team will proactively monitor your cloud round the clock. Our team will take care of your cloud’s health including CPU, uptime, disk space, memory and services like nova, keystone, horizon etc.

Reduced costs of administration
Tailormade runbook

While implementing your OpenNebula cloud, ZNetLive team will create a customized runbook in collaboration with you. It will include the set operating procedures on monitoring alerts and customized escalation routes as per the best business practices and your requirements.

24X7X365 support
Maintenances – scheduled & emergency

All cloud need maintenance services and updates from time to time for performing optimally. Many times, these are scheduled but sometimes, there may be an emergency maintenance as per your cloud needs. For scheduled maintenance, ZNetLive support team will share exact problem, impact, preparations, time needed and other maintenance details with you.



Sunstone Dashboard

A graphical interface which can be used by users and administrators for provisioning, accessing, and automating cloud resources.

Hypervisor Support

OpenNebula is capable of direct integration with hypervisors like Xen or KVM.

Compute Node

Get the ability of provisioning and managing large VM networks.

Image Service

OpenNebula offers discovery, delivery and registration services for server and disk images. It provides supports for a number of basic image formats like Raw, qcow2.

Object Storage

It offers scalable, redundant object storage utilizing standardized server clusters that are capable to store petabytes of data.

Networking Service

OpenNebula offers support for four networking modes:

VLAN. Implementations of Virtual Networks are done via 802.1Q VLAN tagging.

Bridged. The VM is attached directly to an existing hypervisor bridge. This mode is configured for network isolation and security groups.

Open vSwitch. It is same as the VLAN mode but instead of Linux bridge, it uses an openvswitch.

OVXLAN.O Virtual Networks implementing VLANs use the VXLAN protocol relying on IP multicast and a UDP encapsulation.


It helps application developers in describing and automating the infrastructure deployment through templates.

Data Store

Files and Kernels Datastore: for saving plain files and not saving disk images. The plain files can be used as context files, ram-disks or kernels.

System Datastore: is used for holding disk for running VMs. Disks are cloned to/moved from the Images datastore when VMs are terminated or deployed; or when disks are snapshotted or attached.

Images Datastore: is used for storing the images repository – ISCSI, CEPH, IVM, Raw, file system.

CHEF, Docker, Ansible

A software platform for configuring and managing computers combining multi-node software deployments, ad-hoc task execution and configuration management.


Software storage platform that implements object storage on a single distributed computer cluster and provides interfaces for object, block and file level storage. Ceph is a completely distributed operation without a single point of failure offering scalability to the exabyte level.



  Customer Owned Data Center
Round the clock support Has service information Responsibility
Dedicated Account Manager Has service information Responsibility
Dedicated OpenNebula Architect (added offering) Has service information Responsibility
Hosted configuration monitoring and hardware monitoring events’ response Participant of the activity Responsibility
Cloud infrastructure configuration monitoring and node OS and hypervisor response Has service information Responsibility
Cloud and configuration backup Has service information Responsibility
Security patches application to cloud Has service information Responsibility
Intrusion detection Responsibility Has service information
Virus scanning of server Responsibility Has service information
DDoS mitigation Responsibility Has service information
Management of firewall Responsibility Participant of the activity
On -request server check for compromise Participant of the activity Responsibility
Third-party security auditing following implementation Responsibility Participant of the activity
Providing and maintaining
Data Center (DC) facility Responsibility Has service information
Cooling and redundancy Responsibility Has service information
DC physical security Responsibility Has service information
Routing and switching devices Responsibility Participant of the activity
Provisioning IP Block Responsibility Has service information
Power and redundancy Responsibility Has service information
Power and network connectivity Responsibility Has service information
Configuring Firewall Responsibility Has service information
Providing bandwidth Responsibility Has service information
Physically installing devices Responsibility Has service information
Architecture design, review and consultation Participant of the activity Responsibility
Monitor and alert for Disk capacity Participant of the activity Responsibility
Sending email alerts Has service information Responsibility
Monitor OpenNebula Services Has service information Responsibility
Managing local storage Responsibility Participant of the activity
CPU performance utilization report sharing Has service information Responsibility

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