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Azure Redis Cache

Deliver high-end applications with all-time availability, quick access and massive scalability
Basic Tier

Supports single node and multiple sizes. It is best fit for test environment – comes without SLA.
Standard Tier

It is two-node primary or secondary replicated cache with complete management and HA SLA.
Premium Tier

It includes all Standard tier features, along with extended capabilities, power, performance, DR, security and SLA.
An Introduction Redis Cache

Key Benefits of Azure Redis Cache

High Throughput and Low Latency
High Throughput and Low Latency
It allows you to build high performing, scalable apps by providing quick data access. With low latency and high-throughput abilities of Redis engine, Azure Redis Cache improves application performance and makes them more responsive even at higher customer loads.
Redis Replication Support
Redis Replication Support
Redis makes use of asynchronous replication, allowing slave Redis servers to be exact replicas of their masters.
Multiple Tier Availability
Multiple Tier Availability
While the basic tier does not offer SLA support as it's suited for development or test environment, but both standard and premium tiers offer high guarantee SLAs.
Easy Management
Easy Management
It gives you ability to utilize open source, secure Redis cache. It is very easy to use and manage, with simple health and performance monitoring through the Microsoft Azure Portal.
Reduce data restoration time
Great Functionalities
Azure Redis Cache is a modern key-value store containing data structures like strings, lists, hashes, sorted sets and sets. It supports Lua scripting, transactions, keys with limited life time and configuration settings for making Redis behave like a cache. It can be used from most of the programming languages.

Why Azure from ZNetLive?

Customized Infrastructure

Our Microsoft Certified experts' design an ongoing and customized Microsoft infrastructure based on the best of our services that your business demands.
Architectural guidance

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Multi-tier support system

ZNetLive provides a multi-tier support system with its NodeFirst Support system that provides constant support to you when you need technical help.
99.9% Network uptime

ZNetLive provides a guaranteed monthly network uptime of 99.9% to its Azure customers blended with industry - respected, financially backed SLA.
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