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ZNetLive's Managed Security Services - simplifying security management

We cover all your advance security requirements -firewalls' management, tuned monitoring, an intelligent security search, advanced threat analysis, comprehensive information security reporting, self-sealing BYOD protection and more.

Managed Firewall Services

A Firewall is installed to prevent unauthorized access and business interruptions, but needs consistent provisioning, upgradation and patching to keep up pace with the evolving threats and business needs.
With ZNetLive's Firewall management services, you need not worry about managing your security control, simply focus on your business.
  • Cost Effective Deployment We provision and deploy devices at low cost, removing your burden of managing and monitoring firewalls and reducing your overhead costs by leveraging our resources and expertise.
  • Network Security Experts Our network security experts make sure that your firewall settings safeguard your business, without influencing any legitimate traffic. Our security services are not product specific, so they support all business products.
  • Compliance Friendly Services Our firewall services help you meet compliance requirements for standard regulations like FFIEC/GLBA, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA and more.
  • 24x 7 Proactive Management ZNetLive's security experts have in depth knowledge and expertise in configuration management, device upgrades, patch management, application monitoring, backups and more. Our security engineers alert you of threats before they cause damage to your business operations and help you in resolving them too.

Managed Intrusion Detection

ZNetLive offers cloud based Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Prevention (IPS) Systems, featuring easy deployment, quick vulnerability identification, regular updates on cyber threats and managed sensor appliances, designed keeping in mind your network requirements.
  • Faster and real threat identification and resolution Our certified Security Analysts monitor your IDS/IPS alerts in real time, round the clock. When threats are identified, they raise an alert immediately and help you respond quickly. They filter out false threats and notify you of the actual threats only and block any data flowing with malicious intent.
  • Environment specific solutions At ZNetLive, we use targeted signature sets combined with default groupings to help you meet the specific needs of the environment in which sensors are placed.
  • Incident responsive platform ZNetLive's IDS/IPS services enable you to be more responsive. Dedicated monitoring paired with advanced policy management capabilities help you improve your security posture by protecting your network from the internet attacks and preventing system downtime.

Managed DDoS Protection Solutions

Cloud-based monitoring and intelligence backed detection capabilities with best in class mitigation techniques
DDoS Attack Protection

Our security experts provide protection against different types of DDoS attacks, irrespective of the size.
Threat posture awareness

We integrate event logs with your security information and event management, thus helping to increase your awareness towards threat posture.
Adaptive rate controls

We monitor and control the rate of requests against the attacks, protecting the applications automatically.
Top to bottom monitoring

At ZNetLive, we help you dig deeper into the attack alerts and find out what, how and by whom aspects of the attack. Which defense capabilities triggered the attack declaration, and what specifically in the requests triggered site defenses.
Dedicated support for DoS and DDoS attacks

ZNetLive's DDoS Protection service is a fully managed security service that aims to make organizations DDoS threat responsive. Our security engineers create custom rules, perform real time analysis of the ongoing attacks, raise adaptive rate controls and adapt to changing attack vectors and multi-dimensional threats.

Managed Web Application Security

Fortify your websites, web applications and web services against vulnerabilities and threats

Detection in real time
Detection in real time
Our security experts help you to quickly identify the unusual behavior with the help of automated behavioral profiling, bi-directional traffic analysis, and multiple collaborative detection engines thus, preventing data leaks and improving blocking of threats.
Inbuilt scalability
Inbuilt scalability
ZNetLive supports environments with higher traffic volumes or more IP addresses i.e. expanded application environment. Thus, saving your cost of maintaining large application environment.
Secure and high performing distributed web applications
ZNetLive's managed web application security services paired with managed DDoS protection services, help businesses to deliver secure, high performing web applications to their customers.
Continuous protection with proven technology
Continuous protection with proven technology
Our database and machine-learning analytics alert when attacks are detected in our clients' web traffic patterns. Security mechanisms that we use are threat modeling, risk analysis, static analysis, digital signature, at early stages of development as well as throughout the software development lifecycle.