Benefits of Server Management

Stay focused on your core business

Your business needs your complete focus but managing your server too needs your attention and this probably derails your work many times. So, choose server management services to free your time that you spend on server monitoring, hardening, taking backups, and managing emergencies.

Server Management is not a single discipline

Server management involves a lot of things - backups, updates, uptime monitoring, troubleshooting problems and more. You need to be a specialist or a server surgeon to manage all aspects of your server. Better, gain from the expertise of server experts.

Save your costs

With server management services, you can save those pennies that you spend on maintaining team for the sever management. Moreover, our services cover-

  • Proactive Analysis

  • Regular Software Updates

  • Routine Backups.

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • Downtime Investigation

  • Free Incident KVM


Our Services

We are the server experts! With our server management services in India and across the world, free yourself from server hassles and focus on implementing new business practices. Our technical experts will monitor, update, take back-up, provide software patches and all this with 24X7 six-tiered NodeFirstTM support.

Our rich portfolio of service management offerings spans across Server Administration, Linux Server Management and Total Server Solutions.

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Server Administration

Speedy resolution of problems with proactive identification of server - affecting issues.

Every server needs effective and comprehensive administration to function smoothly. Understanding this fully, we aim at ‘acting in advance rather than just reacting’ on the impact of changes made to the server. Our expert server administration services detect the slightest signs of a problem, and take appropriate measures in advance

Our wide range of server administration services include-

  • Server hardening

    Our server experts create a baseline for your servers to protect them against vulnerable security issues. As part of the server hardening process –

    • We provide assistance for immediate threat identification and server specific solutions for the identified threats.

    • We conduct security audits, vulnerability scans and examine system applications.

    • We set up alerts to notify you of the updates.

    • We monitor your server for malware and proactively notify you about any malicious activities and block any malware uploads.

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Linux Server Management

A cutting- edge solution at reduced TCO to drive your business productivity.

Our world- class, proactive Linux server management service helps you achieve high performance standards. With our web - based Linux server management, do business worry- free, as we offer highly responsive server support, comprehensive security measures, reliable data backup systems, periodic server performance tuning, regular server updates with patch management and a proactive support for your growing user base

  • Applying timely patches is of course not a tricky task, yet a strategic process as its improper management may lead to downtime. We ensure security and zero service downtime while keeping your servers updated.

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Total Server Solutions

Total server solutions to manage your business growth and everything associated!

We are the solution experts! Our experience helps us in understanding our customer needs and the need to be with them at every stage of their project, hence our server management solutions cover unlimited server issues.

We offer industry’s best servers that support both Operating Systems-Linux/Windows, and our server solutions com with round the clock server monitoring, support for control panel, backup configuration, disaster recovery, regular updates and security patches. Our solution experts guarantee speedy resolution on all tickets of server issues

  • Early detection of evolving issues and implementation of proactive measures to fix them is the key to server management services at ZNetLive. Our server experts evaluate service alerts, trigger incident response when service deterioration is detected. They monitor network speed and initiate Fail-over procedures to fix the issue.