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Serverless Architecture – an Overview

Get freedom from server provisioning, scaling and management

Serverless computing helps users take their mind off infrastructure management as it runs by real -time triggers and events – in the cloud. A completely managed service, it makes server management and capacity planning invisible to the developer, with billing based on actual resource usage.

With serverless, developers get to:

  • Focus more on core products and use that saved time in developing great products.
  • Match any workloads instantly, flexibly scale from zero to thousands of simultaneously running functions in seconds as serverless computing is event driven, and reacts to real time happenings.
  • Pay for the time and resources consumed while code is being run, not for the idle capacity.

Why Serverless Computing?

Get to market faster by building apps without server management hassles.

Build robust integration solutions quickly
Improved developer productivity
Serverless Architecture helps developers achieve maximum efficiency with features like deployment slots, visual debug history, local debugging and more.
Get broader access to data and actionable insights
Seamless creation of modern apps
With us, you get a wide range of innovative features like triggers and bindings that help easy interaction with different services.
Connect multiple devices with rich set of connectors
Creation of intelligent apps
With serverless computing, easily integrate intelligence in your apps and use Machine Learning and Cognitive services by enabling your logic or serverless code.
Digitally transform with APIs
Built-in capabilities
You get fault tolerance and built-in- high availability with all the services running on Serverless applications, by default.

What you can't do with Serverless Architecture?

What you can't do with Serverless Architecture?

Serverless web application architecture

Create serverless architecture – applications and IOT back end. With us, get a fully managed compute platform and use WebHook URL to save your user data, process and choose data to be displayed or do customizations like changing ad targeting and more.

Serverless Mobile backends

Using serverless computing, you can create serverless mobile backend. For e.g. with WebHook URL, you can capture an image, upload it to blob storage, resize images to be mobile-friendly and a lot more.

SaaS integration

Serverless computing enables SaaS event processing. You get triggers support for SaaS service based activities like analyzing the spreadsheet and creating new charts and calculated data.

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