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Programming and Web Development is a very time consuming process. Softaculous aids you in saving a lot of time by providing readymade scripts and classes as well as providing their quick installation. Thus, Softaculous allows you to concentrate on other important parts of your application and web development by focusing on using apps rather than spending time on their installation.

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is an auto installer for cPanel and DirectAdmin that provides faster way of installing complex applications, scripts or programs in just one single click of the INSTALL button. It provides 324 great scripts and 1115 PHP Classes for installation under one umbrella. Softaculous does everything from copying the files to creating a database allowing a user to just sit back and relax!

Advantages of Softaculous

  • Softaculous is very easy to integrate and it works on many web hosting control panels, including cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, ISP System and Interworx.
  • Softaculous provides demo of most of its 324 scripts and apps so users can get a quick overview before installing them. As these demos allow users to take an overview, they can easily compare 'n' number of competitive scripts and install the best one among them.
  • Softaculous not only performs single click auto-installation of scripts, but it also performs complex functions like backing up database or backing up user's entire website with just a single click of a button.
  • Softaculous can also import any of the scripts it maintains even if it was not installed by Softaculous through a very fast and simple process.
  • It can also Import data of the installed scripts from other auto installers. The user can also choose which scripts to import from other auto installers. Once imported, Softaculous will be able to maintain the scripts for future updates.
  • Softaculous provides an easier and faster way to update their installed scripts regularly and in one single click. Updated scripts mean new features and better security.
  • Softaculous allows installation of web applications on the go. With the usage of FTP protocol, Softaculous can easily install web applications on user's website.
  • Softaculous keeps on adding more scripts regularly so that the users get all the latest and updated scripts and apps. Softaculous also maintains users' ratings and reviews so as to help the end users in making a wise choice.

Softaculous allows users to choose the most suitable script for their website from a wide range of categories like Blogs, Forums, CMS, Image Galleries, Social Networking, Mails, E-Commerce, ERPs, Frameworks and much more.

Just to give an idea as to how easy the script installation is with Softaculous, here is the stepwise process for installation of Drupal, a famous CMS/Portal:

1. From your welcome email provided by your web host, note down your username, password, and login information.
Browse to your control panel site (provided to you by ZNetLive) and log in. You see a page of options for your new site.

Find Softaculous in Software/Services Section in cPanel

2. Click on the Softaculous icon.
The Softaculous icon can be found in the Software/Services section. Click on it to open the Softaculous program.

Installing Drupal via Softaculous

3. Click on the Drupal link on the left side of the screen that is located under the Portals/CMS section.

4. Click on the Install tab near the top of the page.
A form will now be displayed on your screen. This is where you have to enter a number of options including a username and password for your new Drupal site. You also have to choose where on your site Drupal will run.

Installing Drupal via Softaculous

5. Enter a directory where you want Drupal to appear on your website in the 'In Directory' text box.
Most of the values are filled by default on this form. The only thing that needs to be changed is the 'In Directory' text box. Suppose you have requested the domain from your web host.

If you want people to see your Drupal site as the first thing when they browse to, leave the 'In Directory' text box empty. However, if you are planning to have multiple sites or just want to test this first Drupal site, you can place it in a directory on your site, for example test. Then, when people will go to, they will see your Drupal site.

6. Enter a username and a password of your choice in the 'Admin Account' section further down the page.
The username and password will allow you to administer and customize your site. Choose a strong password; otherwise, your site will be open to hacking.

7. Enter your e-mail address and click on the Install Drupal button.
Another screen giving more information about the databases Drupal will create will appear. This is just for your information.

8. Installation Confirmation window appears.
On finishing of installation, a confirmation screen will appear, and you will be e-mailed a confirmation that your site has been installed.

Installing Drupal via Softaculous

9. Click on the link to your site.
The link reads something like, "Drupal has been successfully installed at:" Of course, the link will direct to whichever domain you set up (for example,

Now you're finished with the installation.

When you will click on the link, you will see the main page of your new Drupal site. If you want to log in, you can use the username and password you specified in Step 6 in the preceding step.

Installing Drupal via Softaculous
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