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Looking for basic SSL certificates? Check out our Alpha SSL certificates.

What is SSL Certificate and how SSL works?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a widely used protocol to establish a secure tunnel between browser and server allowing the crucial information (passwords, credit card numbers, etc) to travel through securely. The process between a secure site and a visitor's browser is called 'SSL handshake' or an Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP).

Step 1

When visitor opens your website, the browser requests website's server to establish a secure connection by identifying its SSL certificate copy.
Step 2

The browser recognizes the Certificate Authority (CA) and validates it. A symmetric key is generated for the session, encrypted using the public key of the SSL certificate.
Step 3

It then sends over the session key to the webserver, which decrypts the session key using its private key. The webserver sends the acknowledgment back to the browser, establishing a secure transmission.
Establish Customer Confidence with a Free Site Seal

SSL Secure Site Seals are "trust marks" that enhance customer confidence and trust in online transactions.

If your website is still on HTTP, Google now marks it as Not Secure!

Which SSL Certificate do I need for my website?

Confused with all the available SSL certificate options? Here's break down for you.


Domain Validation SSL (DV SSL) is the most affordable SSL certificate you can purchase to verify domain name and secure your website. It provides all value-added features, and also activates the green padlock in the browser. It's perfect for personal blogs and small eCommerce websites, securing the website URLs, login URLs, offering a security assurance to the visitors. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to issue a DV SSL certificate.
Dv normal ssl
normal OV certfied ssl

Organization Validation SSL (OV SSL) validates not just your domain name but also the organization, becoming the ideal SSL for a business website to have. It unlocks the green padlock in the browser, showcasing your business identity and ensuring visitors that they are visiting a legitimate company website. It takes 1-2 business days to issue an OV SSL certificate.

Need credibility and security of the highest order for your business website? You should buy EV SSL certificate (Extended Validation SSL) as it unlocks the full benefits of the green padlock section, showcasing the name of your organization/business. It delivers the maximum level of credibility and trust among the visitors, increasing Google ranking and sales conversions.
normal ev ssl
wildcard Dv SSL
DV Wildcard SSL

Having multiple sub-domains offering different products/services to the visitors? Then you should buy Wildcard DV SSL (Domain Validation SSL) as it covers all sub-domains (*.www.domain.com) and pages across a single domain. Wildcard Domain Validation SSL helps in certificate management and reduces the cost as you no longer need to buy separate SSL for each sub-domain
OV Wildcard SSL

Wildcard OV SSL offers a certificate to cover multiple sub-domains (*.www.domain.com) within your organization, validating domain and organization on each. Wildcard Organization Validation SSL helps in certificate management and reduce the cost as you no longer need to buy separate SSL for each sub-domain under your organization.
wildcard Ov SSL
ip certfied ssl

If your organization needs SSL for public IP address, then you should buy OV IP SSL offered by ZNetLive. Our OV IP SSL supports IP addresses in both common name and Subject Alternative Name (SANs) fields. It validates your organization and maintains compliance with RFC 5280.

Why SSL is important?

SSL benefits included with all our certificates

green lock

Green Padlock Increases Trust

No one likes their data to be lost or stolen. Hence, you can win the customer's trust with SSL as it shows a green lock with "s" in the URL bar.
credit cards info secure

Keep Credit Cards info secure

If you're doing financial transactions on your website and saving those details, then it is mandatory to buy and configure SSL certificate throughout the website.
boost in google ranking

Boost in Google ranking

Google favors websites using HTTPS (encrypted with SSL) over HTTP (non-encrypted) and pushes the secured websites up in SERP ranks.
increase in sale conversion

Increase in Sale Conversion

Better SEO rank, ensuring customer's trust and following the online safety guidelines impact the overall sale conversion, thus, increasing the revenue.
secure multiple domains

Secure Multiple Domains

Whether you need to secure one domain; 100 domains, subdomains or IP addresses with a single certificate; or unlimited subdomains on a single domain; ZNetLive offers the best SSL certificate in India that covers all your needs.
free tools with ssl

Free Tools with SSL

When you buy SSL certificate for website, you also get free tools for SSL installation (SSL Server Test) and SSL Management (Managed PKI platform and Certificate Inventory) tool.
multiple browser, os & device support

Multiple Browser, OS & Device Support

All leading browsers, applications and devices trust GlobalSign SSL by ZNetLive. Hence, no matter what device, OS or browser your visitors use, they will automatically see SSL icon and trust your website.
fastest and strongest ssl

Fastest and Strongest SSL

ZNetLive's SSL certificates are validated by GlobalSign, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA), providing the strongest SSL encryption with SHA – 256 and RSA 2048-bit RSA keys along with ECC support.
reliable ssl certificate from ZNetLive

Reliable SSL Certificate from ZNetLive

GlobalSign is WebTrust accredited Certificate Authority (CA) since 2001 and has issued over 2.5 million certificates globally, since 1996.
Still not convinced? Have a quick chat with our SSL certificate expert.
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SSL Certificates' Comparison

Domain SSL
Organization SSL
Extended SSL
Browser Displays Padlock Padlock Green Address Bar
Vetting Requirements Right to use domain Right to use domain and full company vetting Rights to use domain and extended company vetting, including confirming the legal, operational and physical existence.
Malware monitoring Scan of unknown malware Scan of known & unknown malware Scan of known & unknown malware
Phishing detection alerts Yes Yes Yes
Secures both www.domain.com and domain.com Yes Yes
Underwritten warranty $10k $1.25 million $1.5 million
Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices Yes Yes
Secure site seal included Yes Yes
Certificate Transparency (CT) Compliant Yes Yes
Free reissues and unlimited server licensing Yes Yes
Free access to GlobalSign's Certificate Inventory Tool and SSL Server Test Yes Yes
*additional costs apply
(Unlimited subdomains)
(Unlimited subdomains)
Multi-Domain (Subject Alternative Names)
*additional costs apply
Up to 100 subdomains Up to 100 subdomains, top level domains, or public IP addresses Up to 100 subdomains or top level domains
Secure Now Secure Now Secure Now

SSL Certificate FAQs

  • What is SSL Certificate?

    SSL is a global standard security technology that safeguards the integrity and privacy of the complete data that is being transmitted in a specific session between the web browser and the server. SSL works by creating a private key for encoding the data that is being transferred. URLs that utilize the SSL connection begin with https: instead of http:, where `s' represents the additional security.
  • Do you need technical knowledge to set up an SSL?

    Installing an SSL certificate is not difficult, but it does involve specific process for a specific web server. Certification Authorities publish instructions to generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and to install the SSL certificate. When you buy SSL certificate from ZNetLive, our expert team takes care of most of these tasks. For more information on installation, see this : https://www.znetlive.com/kb/340C/websites/ssl-certificates/ssl-certificate-installation.html
  • What are the benefits of SSL?

    1. SSL certificate protects your visitors' data.
    2. SSL certificate boosts website SEO. Few years back, Google had announced boosting the ranking for SSL secured websites.
    3. SSL safeguards against phishing by making it impossible for hackers to impersonate your site.
    4. Trust indicators like green address bar that come with EV SSL, helps improve customer trust and boosts your business's online identity.
    5. SSL helps a business meet PCI/DSS requirements.
  • Why should I buy SSL Certificate from ZNetLive?

    When you buy SSL server certificate from ZNetLive, you get best in class technology, strongest 2084-bit encryption and multiple value-added cost saving features to ensure that your website is always protected and meets the stringiest of the internet security guidelines today.
    Our certified services are delivered via a robust public key infrastructure (PKI) with global data centres, disaster recovery, redundancy, high availability and world-class instrumentation protecting the network.
  • How will users know my website is safe?

    Looking at the URL of your website can tell users whether it's safe. "https" in URL instead of "http" means that the site uses an SSL Certificate (s in https for secure) and is thus safe. There are few other trust indicators to help users know, like the padlock and green address bar.
  • Does SSL work in all web browsers?

    Yes, Domain SSL, Organization SSL and Extended SSL are compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. For more information, see this: https://www.globalsign.com/en/ssl-information-center/certificate-authority-root/
  • How do you apply for an SSL?

    You can buy SSL Certificate from ZNetLive site, and we will install it for you for free. With your SSL certificate from ZNetLive, the complete SSL process is expedited, and few steps are required for installation.
    However, if you purchase an SSL from somewhere else, the installation process is chargeable. Also, more time is required as some additional steps will be involved for completing SSL installation process.
  • How to install SSL certificate?

    Depending upon the control panel you are using, there are different ways of installing SSL. Please see for details: https://www.znetlive.com/kb/340C/websites/ssl-certificates/ssl-certificate-installation.html/
  • How do you generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?

    For non-control panel Windows servers, it's generated from IIS or via Plesk control panel if the Windows server has Plesk installed.
    For non-control panel Linux servers, it's generated from OpenSSL.
    For cPanel or Plesk based servers, it's generated from the individual control panel.
  • When does SSL expire?

    The SSL certificate expires at the end of your billing period. You can renew SSL certificate for a minimum of 1 year and maximum of 2 years.
  • What is the SSL upgrade process?

    There's no SSL upgrade option as such. You need to buy new SSL certificate as per your requirements.
    It is recommended that you buy new SSL certificate one week prior to the expiry of your current SSL certificate. This way, you will get enough time to prepare for any unanticipated complications like 'connection not private' browser errors.
  • What is the difference between Normal SSL Certificate and Wildcard SSL Certificate?

    A regular or normal SSL certificate provides encryption for one domain (and one sub-domain as ZNetLive SSL certificate covers both the WWW and non-WWW versions of your website).
    In case, you are using a number of domains and subdomains for your business, you can go for Wildcard SSL. Wildcard certificate is issued with a common name of *.companydomain.com and a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) of companydomain.com. For example, if a SSL wildcard certificate is issued for *.znetlive.com, then it can be used for securing mail.znetlive.com, www.znetlive.com or anything.znetlive.com and also znetlive.com.
    It saves cost as you buy only a single SSL certificate for multiple subdomains and with a single certificate, administration also becomes easier.
  • How long will I have to wait for my SSL certificate?

    For Domain Validation SSL, issue time is 5 minutes or lesser; for Organization Validation SSL, issue time is 1 to 2 business days and for Extended Validation SSL, issue time is 3 to 4 business days.
  • What is a Multi Domain Certificate (UCC)?

    Typically, an SSL certificate is issued to a single domain name and can be used only to secure the exact domain name to which it has been issued for. However, if you want to secure multiple websites with a single SSL certificate and on a single IP address, ZNetLive offers two different multi-domain SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL and Multi-Domain SSL with support for Subject Alternative Names or SAN fields, to save you significant cost and hassle.
  • What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

    If you have a number of domains and subdomains for your business, then you should go for Wildcard SSL certificate.
    Wildcard certificate is issued with a common name of *.companydomain.com and a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) of companydomain.com. The wildcard certificate can be used on any subdomain of companydomain.com and SAN ensures that SSL works even without a subdomain. For ex, if a SSL wildcard certificate is issued for *.znetlive.com, then it can be used for securing mail.znetlive.com, www.znetlive.com or anything.znetlive.com and also znetlive.com.
    It saves cost as you buy only a single SSL certificate for multiple subdomains and with a single certificate, administration also becomes easier.
  • How many separate domains can I protect with single SSL certificate?

    Typically, a normal or regular SSL certificate is issued to a single domain name and can be used only to secure the exact domain name to which it has been issued for. For example, an SSL certificate issued to www.yourwebsite.com will not secure yourwebsite.com and SSL certificate for the non-www version of the domain will have to be purchased separately.
    GlobalSign SSL by ZNetLive allows you to install the same SSL certificate on as many servers as needed at no extra cost, and a single ZNetLive SSL certificate secures both yourwebsite.com and www.yourwebsite.com. In addition, three domains - OWA (owa.yourdomain.com), MAIL (mail.yourdomain.com) and Autodiscover (autodiscover.yourdomain.com) are secured for free with every ZNetLive SSL certificate.
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