Low cost, quick issue, trusted browser to server connection in minutes!

With AlphaSSL, tell visitors that the connection is secure from their browser to your server by activating the padlock of 'SSL secure' in all major mobile devices and browsers.

Increase the confidence of customers in your website by leveraging SSL through which customers' data and all ecommerce transactions on your site stay encrypted.

These cheap SSL Certificates are perfect for web sites just starting out. AlphaSSL SSL Certificates get issued within minutes and are perfect value for money with powerful 2048 bit root and 256 bit encryption.

What Details Does an AlphaSSL SSL Certificate Contain?

Certificate details indicate your website is using an AlphaSSL SSL Certificate and include the issuing CA, validity status, and expiration date.

AlphaSSL SSL Certificate
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Certificate Trust Level

USD 17.27 /year Browser Padlock
  • A free clickable Secure Site Seal
  • Information displayed in certificate Verified domain name
  • Verified domain name Domain Validation
  • Issue Time 3 Minutes or lesser
  • Server Licenses Unlimited
  • Support for non www Yes
  • Support for mobile Widespread
  • No malware scanning
  • State of the art anti-phishing checks
  • Buy multi-year to get highest discounts

Support Multiple Subdomains with a Single Wildcard SSL

A single Wildcard SSL Certificate provides you with all benefits and functionalities of a basic AlphaSSL SSL Certificate – and enables you to secure multiple sub-domains along with your domain name. It's a perfect solution for you if you have many sub-domains on your website and an IP address is shared across the websites. With Wildcard SSL Certificate, you are future proof as you don't need to buy new SSL Certificates on adding new sub-domains!

Wildcard certificate allows you to save your time, effort and money as it's issued to * but secures multiple subdomains. For example:

Certificate application for:


Can be used to secure:

  • Can be used to secure:

As Well as:


Purchase Wildcard AlphaSSL

AlphaSSL - Wildcard
1 Year 83.84
2 Year 150.86
3 Year 205.41
4 Year 251.39
5 Year 293.31

Why Choose ZNetLive's AlphaSSL?

AlphaSSL SSL certificate is issued almost instantly, provides superior security with 2048 bit root strength and 256 bit encryption, has refund policy with zero risk, provides unlimited server licensing, full support for mobiles and browsers, is WebTrust compliant and is the Cheapest SSL in town!

Most Cost-effective SSL Certificate

AlphaSSL provides highest value for money for sites of varying sizes. You get cheap but strong and secure SSL without any hidden fees, on unlimited servers. Only one SSL Certificate will sufficiently secure both your domain versions- with www and without www.

If you switch to AlphaSSL from GeoTrust, Comodo or GoDaddy SSL certificates, then you also get multi-year and renewal discounts and you'll also get your Certificate at zero cost!

Cheap but Strong SSL Certificate

AlphaSSL SSL Certificates are issued from 2048 bit GlobalSign Root Certificate. GlobalSign is among most trusted CAs across the globe. That's why AlphaSSL SSL Certificates find recognition by all mobile devices and major browsers. The strength of encryption you get is 256 bits- the strongest used now-a-days.

For showcasing your trustworthiness, in addition to the browser padlock, you also get a free Secure Site Seal that's clickable. AlphaSSL SSL certificates come with mis-issuance warranty. Also, for added security, top-of-the-line anti-phishing checks are done for all applications. AlphaSSL SSL certificates' commitment to security make them a trustworthy SSL brand.

Easy and Quick Certificate Issuance

The application process for AlphaSSL SSL certificate is completely automated. Only a CSR needs to be created and an online application form is to be filled, following which an automated challenge email is sent to the email address linked with your domain name. In less than 3 minutes, you'll be able to obtain your AlphaSSL SSL Certificate. There's no phone calls, faxes or paperwork required.

Thus, you can order your SSL certificate with utmost ease and quickness.

Highest Level Industry Accreditations

ZNetLive has been in the online services industry for long –since 2001. We are an ICANN Accredited Registrar, have many Microsoft competencies, HostReview Affordable Hosting and Readers' Choice Award, Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2010 & 2011 Winner - we've got all the right award and accreditations.

ZNetLive's SSL certificates are validated by GlobalSign, one of the leading Certification Authorities that is audited for WebTrust annually by Ernst & Young and has been compliant since 2001, one of the longest records in the industry. GlobalSign is also active in the CA/B Forum & Trusted Internet Movement.

Our certified services are delivered via a robust PKI infrastructure with global data centers, disaster recovery, redundancy, high availability and world-class instrumentation protecting the network.

SSL Certificates Expert Team

SSL Certificates can be confusing, and choosing the right one for your business is a very important and daunting task. That is why our dedicated SSL client support team is in place to guide you through every step of the way. Just drop us a line about your requirement and one of our specialists will get back to you asap. :)

Establish Customer Confidence with a Free Site Seal

AlphaSSL SSL Certificate's Secure Site Seals are "trust marks" that enable your website visitors to know you have invested in their safety and indicate that you provide secure data and transactions. Provided for free, it helps in converting site visitors into actual paying customers. Display Secure Site Seal with confidence and provide visitors with the reason to trust you without a second thought.


Secure Multiple Websites and Domains

If you want to secure multiple websites with a single SSL certificate and on a single IP address, ZNetLive offers two different multi-domain SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL and Multi-Domain SSL with support for Subject Alternative Names (SANs) fields to save you significant cost and hassle.