SSL For Microsoft Exchange & Office Communications Sercer

Developed closely by working with Microsoft, ZNetLive's SSL Certificates are is ideal for use within the Exchange and Communications Server environments and allow you to deploy the Domain Security feature and enable secure client access from the Internet.

You can use on an unlimited number of servers, both physical and virtual, without needing to purchase additional licenses, and will always benefit from the strongest SSL availability. ZNetLive's SSL is compatible with all known browsers and devices. We also include advanced features such as integrated advanced phishing detection alerts and hidden malware scanning for your website to ensure that you provide the highest levels of trust to your website visitors.

Multi-Domain SSL for Unified Communications

Enable secure client access to Exchange & Communications Server

ZNetlive's Multi-Domain SSL Certificate support up to 100 different Subject Alternative Name (SAN), allowing you to to host multiple SSL enabled websites on a single server using a single IP address.

For organisations using Exchange or Office Communications Server environments, you can consolidate your certificate requirements into a single ZNetLive Multi-Domain SSL Certificate. We include free Unified Communications options to secure, and You can add dozens more depending on your own configurations.


Why Choose ZNetLive's Premium Domain SSL?

ZNetLive's SSL certificates deploy the best in class technology, give you the strongest 2084 Bit encryption and provide multiple value added cost saving features to ensure that your website is always protected and meets the stringiest of the internet security guidelines today.

Fastest and Strongest SSL

Most web developers and website owners are concerned about the impact that SSL security will have on their website's loading time. ZNetLive's SSL certificates are validated by GlobalSign, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) that uses 2048 bit SSL since 1998, years ahead of other SSL providers.

Our partnership with Cloudflare, the network performance specialist, ensures that your SSL secured websites load man times faster regardless of where your customer is in the world.

Why does this matter?

There is a traditional consideration that SSL affects a website's load time due to various factors, the main being that SSL adds latency to the page load because browser needs to wait for the issuer (the CA) of the SSL certificate (eg. GlobalSign, Symantec) to confirm that the certificate is still valid before page content is rendered. This results in visitor experiencing a delay in the normal page load speed.

In the world of optimally performing websites, every millisecond counts; the less time a visitor waits for your website to load, the better.

Organizations that choose their SSL certificate provider carefully can avoid reducing the performance of their websites. Read more how ZNetLive and GlobalSign help make secure sites load faster.

Secure Multiple Domains

Typically an SSL certificate is issued to a single domain name, and can be used only to secure the exact domain name to which it has been issued for. For example, an SSL certificate issued to will not secure and SSL certificate for the non-www version of the domain will have to be purchased separately.

ZNetLive allows you to install the same SSL certificate on as many servers as needed at no extra cost, and a single ZNetLive SSL certificate secures both and In addition, three domains - OWA (, MAIL ( and Autodiscover ( are secured for free with every ZNetLive SSL certificate.

If you want to secure multiple websites with a single SSL certificate and on a single IP address, ZNetLive offers two different multi-domain SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL and Multi-Domain SSL with support for Subject Alternative Names, or SAN, fields)to save you significant cost and hassle.

Why does this matter?

The cost of the SSL certificate used to secure your website can significantly manifold with the number of subdomains you want to secure.

The superior technology of ZNetLive's SSL certificates ensure that you receive premium features such as installing a single SSL certificate on multiple servers free of charge (other providers charge extra), thus saving you both significant cost and hassle.

For even more enhanced flexibility of your server configurations, host names, domain names and IP addresses, explore ZNetLive's Multi-domain SSL and WildCard SSL certificates.

Malware and Phishing Detection

Ever since SSL certificates have become a buzz-word and a must for secure online presence, many website owners think that getting an SSL certificate ensures complete security of their website, which is far from the truth. An SSL certificate, if not coupled with other proper security measures, is only half as effective as it should be. Apart from securing the to-and-fro data transactions from a website, it is also vital to ensure the server side and website pages security.

For example, attackers often exploit vulnerabilities on your webserver to use your website to distribute viruses and steal confidential data from your customers, and to bury phishing attack pages deep into your website. If Google identifies your domain as one being used for such malicious activities, it blacklists it without any further notification.

Our partnership with Cloudflare, the network performance specialist, ensures that your SSL secured websites load many times faster regardless of where your customer is in the world. Netcraft means that ZNetLive’s SSL customers receive around the clock alerts should the Netcraft identify a phishing page and you will be notified of its location in your website.

Click here to know more about ZNetLive's free value added website security services.

Why does this matter?

The scope of protection provided by an SSL certificate is limited to securing only the data transfer to and fro from a website, i.e. it excludes the website and the server side security. The ideology behind ZNetLive's security solutions is to provide a holistic protection to customers' complete online presence, and hence, the single of their kind – all of ZNetLive's SSL certificates come with free Malware and Phishing detection – so as to provide a complete 360 degree protection and also provide security package for your website at no additional cost.

Our partnership with StopTheHacker ensures that your website is monitored daily for malware and that you get timely alerts whenever a malware is found. NetCraft's Phishing Alert Service notifies website owners if a phishing attack is detected.

Universal Device and OS Compatibility

ZNetLive's SSL certificates are transparently trusted by all popular browsers, applications, devices and operating systems. Hence, no matter what device, OS or browser your visitors use, they automatically see and trust your SSL security.

ZNetLive's SSL certificates are validated by GlobalSign, who mandates 2048 bit keys across its entire Digital Certificate portfolio in compliance with CA/Browser Forum guidelines and NIST recommendations.

Click here to see the complete list of supported browsers, applications, devices, OSs and platforms.

Why does this matter?

SSL certificate compatibility is a very important factor to consider when you are deciding on an SSL provider. SSL Certificates are only recognized by a browser if the Root Certificate of the CA is present within the "trusted Root Certificates" store of the browser.

CA Root Certificates are added into the trusted Root Certificate store by the browser or operating system vendor, such as Microsoft or Netscape. In general SSL vendors need to be audited to WebTrust complaint standards set by the AICPA.

If you use an extremely cheap, low end technology SSL Certificate, that has been issued by a CA Root Certificate not present in the trusted Root Certificate store in one of the commercially available browsers then the visitor's browser will display a warning message. Clearly, you need to avoid such warnings.

ZNetLive's SSL certificates are compatible with all the major browsers, OSs, devices and applications, and that's what makes them worth paying for.

Highest Level Industry Accreditations

ZNetLive has been in the online services industry since 15 years and the 57892 active enterprise clients under our belt are a testimony to our quality services. ICANN Accredited Registrar, Microsoft Gold Hosting Competency, HostReview Affordable Hosting and Readers' Choice Award, Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2010 & 2011 Winner - we've got all the right award and accreditations.

ZNetLive's SSL certificates are validated by GlobalSign, one of the leading Certification Authorities that is audited for WebTrust annually by Ernst & Young and has been compliant since 2001, one of the longest records in the industry. GlobalSign is also active in the CA/B Forum & Trusted Internet Movement.

Our certified services are delivered via a robust PKI infrastructure with global data centers, disaster recovery, redundancy, high availability and world-class instrumentation protecting the network.

SSL Certificates Expert Team

SSL Certificates can be confusing, and choosing the right one for your business is a very important but daunting task. That is why our dedicated SSL client support team is in place to guide you through every step of the way. Just drop us a line about your requirement and one of our specialists will get back to you ASAP. :)

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Secure Multiple Websites and Domains

If you want to secure multiple websites with a single SSL certificate and on a single IP address, ZNetLive offers two different multi-domain SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL and Multi-Domain SSL with support for Subject Alternative Names (SANs) fields to save you significant cost and hassle.