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Ever since SSL certificates have become a buzz-word and a must for secure online presence, many website owners think that getting an SSL certificate ensures complete security of their website, which is far from the truth. An SSL certificate, if not coupled with other proper security measures, is only half as effective as it should be. Apart from securing the to-and-fro data transactions from a website, it is also vital to ensure the server side and website pages security.

For example, attackers often exploit vulnerabilities on your webserver to use your website to distribute viruses and steal confidential data from your customers, and to bury phishing attack pages deep into your website. If Google indentifies your domain as one being used for such malicious activities, it blacklists it without any further notification.

Our partnership with StopTheHacker provides daily to hourly malware scans across all pages on your SSL secured domain, and should malware be detected, we will alert you instantly. Also, our partnership with Netcraft means that ZNetLives SSL customers receive around the clock alerts should the Netcraft identify a phishing page and you will be notified of its location in your website.

Sushmita Ghosh

iconI'm extremely happy with the service and support from ZNetLive. You folks answer questions promptly (billing, sales or support). The fact that I've had my websites for almost three years without any crashes or down time is very impressive. Much thanks again for offering such a good deal on web hosting servicesicon

Sushmita Ghosh
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Secure Multiple Websites and Domains

If you want to secure multiple websites with a single SSL certificate and on a single IP address, ZNetLive offers two different multi-domain SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL and Multi-Domain SSL with support for Subject Alternative Names (SANs) fields to save you significant cost and hassle.