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ZNetLive's business startup program in association with Microsoft helps startups struggling with little or no money succed by providing them with free access to Microsoft Azure cloud, software and support.
If your startup is less than 5 years old, Is being held privately and earns less than $1 million per year, then do apply to get free services for startups including, Microsoft development and test software like Azure, Windows, Office, Visual Studio, SQL Server.
You also get access to free training classes, technical content, conferences, R&D product groups and more to help your technology startup realize its goals in the shortest time possible and on your own terms.

Get access to all the needed resources and tools from day one


Get the right tools and options
Get the right tools and options
Develop a web app or VM on Windows, Linux, iOS and more. Azure – the ideal cloud platform for startups, helps you get ahead in the cloud quickly and easily with a number of open source options to code in Python, Java, PHP, Ruby and Node.js.
Get unparalleled support
Get unparalleled support
You get the reliable and trusted 24/7 support services from ZNetLive and Microsoft.
Get the much-needed exposure
Get the much-needed exposure
Microsoft will provide free support for marketing and distribution. You will be able to establish connections with global and local startup ecosystems - VCs, accelerators, angels, incubators, associations, etc.
Get free software licenses
Get free software licenses
You get access to five Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN subscriptions, each with an Azure credit of $150 monthly, with a total cost of $750/month for all five developers for Azure services. These are available for one year.
Get trusted cloud hosting
Get trusted cloud hosting:
You get reliable cloud hosting services that can scale with your business needs.


Provides credit to startups in the initial starting phase, such that they can rise up from the base.


Provides credit to startups in the service implementation phase or those finalizing market strategies.

Go to Market

Provides credit to startups who've reached the maturation phase and are ready to explore a specific market.

NOTE: *Startups offering consulting services are not eligible for this program, only those building a product should apply.
*To avail Cloud credit, one needs to submit the official proof of his/her registered startup.

We're the Microsoft Cloud Veterans

ZNetLive works closely with Microsoft to give you the best cloud experience.

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