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StopTheHacker- Enterprise Malware Scanning Services

Attacks in this fast evolving internet world have evolved steadily overtime. One of the most disrupting attacks in the web world today is malware or malicious software which is injected into legitimate website files by the hackers. Malware is basically the software that is designed especially for damaging or disrupting a system. Due to this, unsuspecting websites suffer a lot of damage in terms of loss of revenue and reputation of the innocent website owners.

Over 9,500 websites are daily blacklisted by search engines like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft because of the presence of malware on them. Blacklisting is very damaging as no one is able to access the blacklisted site till the time website owners remove the malware code and send a request to the search engine to get themselves removed from the blacklist. Such stringent blacklisting procedures is followed by search engines as there is a high probability that a site infected with malware could infect its customers also.

This problem is growing exponentially as a number of new websites are being created each day due to inexpensive and easy methods available now-a-days to get online. Therefore, as companies use antivirus for protecting their PCs from viruses, similarly modern companies have now started investing in protecting their websites from malware.

Most existing malware solutions catch known viruses and malware that have already been identified and stored in signature databases. However, hackers know about these databases and so more advanced methods are required now-a-days as hackers now produce dynamic malware with latest web technologies. Thus, malware scanning software like StopTheHacker is now a prerequisite if you are a smart website owner as stopthehacker catches that malware also that's never seen before.


What is StopHacker?

StopTheHacker is a suite of security technologies that has been designed for safeguarding a company's website. It offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Detecting malware that is missed by Antiviruses
  • No need for Installation
  • Automatic Cleanup of malware
  • Finding security vulnerabilities
  • Continuous monitoring of Reputation & Blacklisting

StopTheHacker's technology was created with financial backing from the US National Science Foundation. Some of the technologies included in stopthehacker are as follows:

Web Malware Detection Stopthehacker continuously performs scanning of your website for determining if malicious code has been injected into your site by the hackers. The infected code is quickly removed automatically and the problem is fixed. Thus it helps in taking immediate action before customers get infected or before site gets blacklisted.

Vulnerability Assessment Stopthehacker scans your website and makes you aware of any vulnerabilities or security holes in it that may be accessed by the hackers. This allows you to take immediate action before hackers get a chance to infect your website and its visitors.

Uptime Monitoring Stopthehacker performs scanning of your website and reports if your website was unavailable or had a downtime. This allows you to take action as to why it had happened and to take preventive measures that it shouldn't happen again.

Reputation Monitoring Stopthehacker scans your website against spam, malware and other blacklists (like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Bing etc.) This allows you to know if your site has been blacklisted by some search engine or has had a bad reputation, so that you can take corrective actions immediately.


ZNetLive provides free StopTheHacker malware monitoring services enabling web hosters, website owners, administrators and web designers to detect malware and recover sites from damaging malware attacks. This service is included as standard with the free SSL Certificate that ZNetLive provides to Dedicated Servers customers on quarterly billing.

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