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Features of Managed Backup-as-a-Service Solution

Safeguard your business critical data with reliable storage
Dedicated Backup

We understand your data protection and backup needs. Hence, we provide dedicated data backup services to help you have a solid backup platform.
With Dedicated backup service, you have complete control over your backup files and can keep a constant check on them. You have managed backups for dedicated server with the backup solution deployed on it.
Shared Backup

Shared backup service allows data backups along with other application management services. Here, we make sure that all data is safely backed up for secure usage.
We give you a reliable backup plan with proper encryption techniques, periodic testing of servers and a lot more.
Storage Area Network(SAN)

We ensure reliable and safe environment for managing your mission-critical application data. Backed up on our professionally run datacenters, we give you readily available data in times of contingency.
Easy scalability gives you the flexibility to manage your data growth and accommodate it in our backup servers.
You get safe, encrypted and always accessible data to ensure steady business operations.

Why choose us?

Flexible, pay-per-use services for higher performance and reduced IT spends

Secure Data Backup
Secure Data Backup
We make sure that the data is completely secured by using strong encryptions. So you don't need to worry during data transfers, as it is fully encrypted and safe against any unauthorized access.
NodeFirst Support
NodeFirst Support
We are always there to help you, as and when you require us. Have a doubt, just connect to our support team that is available 24x7x365.
Ensuring Business Continuity
Ensuring Business Continuity
We make sure that your data is always available and easily accessible when required even during any disaster, thus ensuring your business continuity.
Your reliable cloud storage providers
Your reliable cloud storage providers
With an industry experience of 16+ years, you can rest assured of the service level and quality. Our backup servers are always available, even in case of any disaster.