Azure StorSimple Storage

High performance, secure enterprise cloud storage infrastructure
With ZNetLive management services for Azure StorSimple, maximize your storage capacity and address data protection complexities with ease. Reduce IT overhead by preventing unnecessary spending on storage infrastructure and increase operational efficiency by reclaiming administrator hours
What we centralize?
  • Storage infrastructure - physical arrays for datacenters and virtual arrays for smaller enterprises.
  • Capacity centric applications and performance needs.
What we manage?
  • Your data growth.
  • Inactive primary data from on-premises to the cloud.
What we accelerate?
  • Disaster recovery for larger volumes.
  • Data availability.
  • Your operational efficiency and IT agility.
What we eliminate?
  • Need for separate backup infrastructures.
  • Demand for setting up or maintaining costly on-premise infrastructure.
  • Expensive IT budgets for unnecessary storage purchases.
An Introduction StorSimple

Azure StorSimple Benefits

  • Scale massively

    StorSimple helps you scale storage infrastructure efficiently, optimizing your storage efficiency, costs and preventing storage sprawl.

  • Reduce IT overhead

    Help your IT team to concentrate more on business strategies rather than on managing the infrastructure.

  • Fix and tune your security gaps

    Test data recovery and ensure compliance with the corporate policies without disrupting your daily datacenter operations.

  • Specialized technology expertise and service

    StorSimple provides primary storage, immediate data availability, faster backups and disaster recovery, archives and integrated data protection.

  • Continued operations with minimal disruptions

    Restore metadata with immediate effect and data on demand basis, that results in speedy disaster recovery.

  • Reduce storage costs

    StorSimple helps you provision enough local storage to meet the current demands. It reduces storage demands and costs by deduplication and compression of data prior to sending it to the cloud.

Azure StorSimple Benefits

Set up storage management, location independent disaster recovery and backups while managing your storage tasks between on premise devices and Azure cloud storage

Why Azure from ZNetLive?

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Architectural guidance

Use Azure to its fullest with our reliable experts' guidance and realize improved performance, maximum ROI and cost effectiveness.

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Multi-tier support system

ZNetLive provides a multi-tier support system with its NodeFirst Support system that provides constant support to you when you need technical help.

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99.9% Network uptime

ZNetLive provides a guaranteed monthly network uptime of 99.9% to its Azure customers blended with industry - respected, financially backed SLA.

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