Touch Data Centers

Our datacenters are available in 34 regions around the world and we have announced plans for 4 additional regions. Geographic expansion is a priority for us because it enables our customers to achieve higher performance and it supports their requirements and preferences regarding data location.

Azure regions map A global map with plot points of all regions where Azure is either currently available or coming soon Generally a v ailable Coming soon Canada East Canada Central US DoD East East US East US 2 US Gov Vi r ginia Brazil South Australia East J a p an East China No r th W est India No r th Eu r ope W est Eu r ope UK South UK W est France Central France South Ge r many No r theast Ge r many Central Central India South India J a p an W est China East East Asia Southeast Asia Australia Southeast W est US W est US 2 US DoD Central South Central US US Gov T exas W est Central US US Gov Iowa Central US No r th Central US US Gov Arizona K o r ea Central K o r ea South


The India Regions are available to customers with a business presence in India.
Newly announced regions are not yet generally available to customers.