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Virtual CIO

With ZNetLive Virtual CIO, our 15+ years of expertise in delivering and managing the Cloud and IT services is passed on to you. As your Virtual CIO, ZNetLive collaborates with your and your IT department, and:

  • Links your IT systems to business objectives
  • Analyzes technology trends likely to impact you
  • Monitors IT project planning and management
  • Looks after the IT budgeting process
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Advantages of ZNetLive's Virtual CIO

  • A pool of certified IT experts with an experience of over 15 years in planning, strategizing and managing IT infrastructure.
  • Have expertise in all spheres of IT planning and management.
  • Specialist in every field at ZNetLive will be available as your vCIO.
  • Will recommend best IT solutions after a thorough analysis of your requirement & market trends and keep a continuous monitoring of it.
Virtual CIO

How ZNetLive's Virtual CIO wins over a Traditional CIO


Traditional CIO

  • A single person works as a CIO and responsible for all activities.
  • May not have expertise and knowledge in every required field for best decisions.
  • Only a single person analyzes, advises, recommends and manages solutions.

ZNetLive's Virtual CIO

  • A team of experts works as your virtual CIO with activities divided as per expertise.
  • Each person is an expert in a different field and thus able to take best decision in that field for you.
  • Different personnel are allocated for different processes for making each process more efficient.