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What is server virtualization management?

Server virtualization is a breakthrough in the physical world of hardware. Virtualization technology clones your physical server into multiple small servers, each having their own IP, memory, disk space and own operating system instances, thus helping you improve the efficiency of your computing resources and freeing up your hardware resources.
This virtualization management is possible with the help of a "hypervisor"- a special software that allocates resources like CPU, bandwidth etc. to the virtual servers as per their needs.

Benefits of server virtualization solutions for your business.

  • Virtualization enables a new generation of datacenters with more efficiency and availability for most demanding workloads and guarantees security too.

  • It helps you to scale your resources dynamically as per their usage.

  • It builds a high availability system, where your applications always remain up, irrespective of any of the servers going down.

  • It helps you realize cost savings, reduce wastage of resources and minimize carbon footprint by consolidating servers.

server virtualization management

Choose your Server Virtualization Technology

VMware server virtualization (VMware ESXi)

VMware ESXi (aka ESX) is a Linux based, type-1 hypervisor that includes OS components like kernel and is developed for deploying and serving virtual computers.

Virtuozzo is a cloud ready hypervisor that uses Linux based kernel and can be installed on servers with up to 64 CPU cores and 128 GB of RAM.
Citrix- Xen

Citrix -Xen is an open source server virtualization software which uses different forms of virtualization like para-virtualization or hardware- assisted virtualization to run different guest operating systems - Unix based (MINIX, NetBSD, NetWare etc.) and Microsoft Windows.
Red Hat Virtualization (KVM)

Red Hat Virtualization is a virtualization technology based on the KVM hypervisor (Linux kernel). It supports wide range of guest operating systems and has been named as a visionary by Gartner for virtualization infrastructure.

Hyper-V is a Windows native hypervisor that uses virtualization technology built into Windows server. It supports many different operating systems for use as a guest operating system in a Hyper-V virtual machine such as Ubuntu, CentoS, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE, Oracle Linux etc.

Why Server Virtualization Management by ZNetLive?

Virtualization should be secure and seamless and this is ensured by ZNetLive's virtualization management. Our solutions go beyond basic virtualization capabilities - we help you to setup a server virtualization solution that suits your business the best, irrespective of the size or kind of your business. Our on-board experts help you manage your resources efficiently, take care of your systems' management and provide support to your customers to run your business smoothly.

Custom designed system
Custom designed system
Every business has different needs and objectives, so we help you design such a system that is tailored to meet all your business goals.
Easy and seamless migration
Easy and seamless migration
We migrate your servers with no data loss as we examine your existing system and identify possible issues to avoid complexities.
24/7 proactive support
24/7 proactive support
Our experts are just a call way. They are always available round the clock to assist you and fix your problems, like corruption of hard disk, file system errors etc.
Repairing of failed VMs
Repairing of failed VMs
There are many issues which lead to virtual machine crashes - limited resources, OS upgrades etc. so our engineers fix boot or resource errors and service failures to bring the failed VM back online in minimum time.
Repairing of failed VMs
Easy scalability
When your system usage expands, you need more resources like disk space, CPU, memory to meet your business needs. We help you determine actual usage of your system and provide assistance in resource allocation –expansion and contraction, as and when needed.
Reliable backups
Reliable backups
Backups are like insurance policy, as they also provide recovery in the event of loss. We take regular backups of your system and conduct tests for data integrity to ensure that you have efficient backup system when your system fails. .