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Features that Empowers your Windows Cloud VPS

Virtual Private Server
Instant Provisioning
ZNetLive's Windows Cloud VPS's are designed so that they can be provisioned immediately.
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Enterprise Grade Hardware
Our Windows Cloud VPS servers are equipped with enterprise grade hardware like SSD storage, RAM, etc.
VPS Hosting
Flexibility and Control
With Windows technology powering your Windows Cloud VPS, you get higher flexibility and control with your Windows Cloud VPS.
virtual server hosting
Powerful Control Panel
Our Windows Cloud VPS comes with powerful control panel options including Plesk to manage your Windows Cloud VPS.
Windows VPS Hosting
Best Secured Network
Our Windows cloud VPS are hosted in top of line data centres and secured by DDoS protection.
Windows SSD VPS Hosting
Award Winning 24x7 Support
Support at ZNetLive is always available for you. You can reach us 24x7 via Phone, LiveChat and Email tickets.
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User Interface
Users get power user view, including server and site admin. It is designed for those who are not reselling services, but need the full power of control panel features.
VPS Server
Plesk provides broadest server security levels – built in the core as well as via Atomicorp ModSEcurity Rules, CloudFlare Server Shield and outbound antispam.
ZNetLive VPS hosting
Plesk Mobile Manager
Plesk Mobile gives administrators and customers mobile access to management of their domains. If you are the administrator of a server, you can also access a number of server management features, including viewing services on a server, OS information, server health, stop, start, restart server and more.
WordPress Toolkit
WordPress Toolkit SE (Special Edition)
A complete tool for WordPress management and security, WP toolkit SE allows you to install new, add existing or migrate remote WordPress instances; harden WordPress instances installed via Toolkit in 1-click; mass manage instances; manage plug-ins and themes and manually update them.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Windows Cloud VPS hosting?
    For creating a VPS, a technology called Virtualization is used to create isolated virtual machines. These machines are Virtual Private Servers (VPS). These machines offer dedicated resources as of a dedicated server at no additional cost. ZNetLive's VPS's are powered by cloud and run on SSD storage and thus it is called SSD Cloud VPS hosting.
  • What are the advantages of Windows Cloud VPS Hosting?
    There are four main advantages of SSD Cloud VPS hosting:
    • Complete Isolation: Your SSD Cloud VPS package and its applications remain unaffected with actions of other users on the server.
    • Root Access: You get root access that allows you to install any compatible application of your choice.
    • Guaranteed Resources: Unlike in shared hosting, irrespective of any situation, the resources (CPU, RAM, HDD and bandwidth) allocated to you will always be available for your applications.
    • Fast processing with SSD: With SSD storage, your websites and applications will run many times faster on your VPS.
  • Can I install any kind of software on my Cloud VPS?
    Since you have the root access on your SSD Cloud VPS, you can install any software that is compatible on your Cloud VPS hosting plan. However, any software that violates our Acceptable Usage Policy will not be allowed.
  • Can I install control panels on my SSD Cloud VPS?
    You will get Plesk as a default option for installing on your Windows cloud VPS, but you can also choose to install cPanel on your VPS. We have an automated installation process configured to help make your control panel setup easy.
  • What kind of support do you offer?
    We provide 24x7 support via three methods – LiveChat, Phone support and Email tickets. You can contact us anytime to get resolution for any issues related to your Cloud VPS.

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    Thank you for support. It was a good experience talking to ZNetLive support as all queries were answered promptly.
    Navin Mohata
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    Thank you Miss Neha and Mr. Vikalp for support & service. I am using ZNetLive's services from last 5 years and it was wonderful!
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    Thank you so much for the wonderful support. Highly satisfied with your service. I strongly recommend ZNetLive's service. Cheers!
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    ZNetLive support has helped me a lot, as I am not a technical person with the website.
    Almoutasim Almaskery
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    As compared to other hosting providers ZNetLive is providing far better services & support. You must try it once.
    Webtechsolution Net
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    I am using ZNetLive's services from two years. Excellent Service! Always ready to help. Big thanks to them.
    Pramod Kharkwal
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    Thank you so much Nitin Jain for your efforts in resolving my issues. 5 Stars ZNetLive!
    Saji Palakkad
    Google+ Review
    Thank you so much for helping me (a person without a basic knowledge of hosting) to set up the services.
    Niskarsh Shrestha
    Facebook Review
    Awesome service! Thanks to ZNetLive and their Billing team. I'm very grateful to you.
    Vishal Vikram Rajput
    Facebook Review
    Ayyub Khan - Excellent support as you saved my business. Thank you so much for your help on time.
    Google+ Review
    I really got best service from your customer care. Thank u very much ZNetLive!
    Ravi Sharma
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    Would like to appreciate the support provided by ZNetLive for our Server Migration. Thanks!
    Saurabh Prashar
    Facebook Review
    ZNetLive provides excellent services. I am re-seller of ZNetLive services and they always co-operate with me.
    Rai Singh
    Facebook Review
    Customer care resolve problems within hours & they are good people, having patience to resolve the problems of customer.
    Mohan Gaddam
    Google+ Review
    I had issues in restoring database. The technical support team provided excellent support over the phone. Thanks!
    Kiran Nadig
    Google+ Review
    I would like to mention wonderful assistance ZNetLive provided on SMTP mail issue. Thanks to them!
    Upendra Singh
    Facebook Review
    Call support is amazing! Fully satisfied with the explanation and quick resolution provided on my issue.
    Priya Gupta
    Facebook Review
    Very good support from ZNetLive. We can get answers to any questions within minutes from them.
    Cherri Thota
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    Very Nice Company with great service as compared to its competitors.
    Rahul Saingathia
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    Thank you so much for the support. It really helped me. It was great talking to the team!
    Ravina Maru
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    I got the best support from ZNetLive. I would also like to say thanks to ZNetLive support team. Good job.
    Hemant Singh
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