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Linux VPS Plans

Cost Effective Scalable VPS Servers
for Your Business

  • Latest Gen Scalable Intel CPUs
  • Faster RAM
  • 30x Speed Boost with SSD
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Available in 20 Global Regions
  • SLA-based Uptime Guarantee
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Linux VPS Plans

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  • 2 vCPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 60 GB SSD
  • 200 GB Bandwidth


  • 4 vCPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 60 GB SSD
  • 200 GB Bandwidth


  • 8 vCPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 60 GB SSD
  • 200 GB Bandwidth


  • 16 vCPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 60 GB SSD
  • 200 GB Bandwidth

Why buy VPS Hosting from ZNetLive?

Built for Performance

Built for Performance

Our managed VPS hosting instances are powered by the latest generation Intel CPUs, coupled with faster RAM and SSD storage, delivering performance during all use cases.
Complete Server Management

Complete Server Management

ZNetLive's virtual private servers come with management, keeping you away from tedious server management tasks, allowing you to completely focus on your business.
Built-in Security Features

Built-in Security Features

Our VPS servers are well protected from Anti-DDoS (up to 5 GBPS), SYN flood, UDP flood, ACK flood, and ICMP flood attacks, along with a provision to implement security monitoring on automation.
Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure

Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure

Our Enterprise-grade hardware is always up and steady to deliver the required computing performance without compromising on the security part. On top of that, it's cost-effective as well.
Multiple Billing Cycles

Multiple Billing Cycles

Buy VPS server solution from ZNetLive. We offer multiple billing cycles like Pay as You Go, Monthly Subscription, and Annual Subscription, allowing you to provision the resources you need as per the needs
Deploy and Grow Globally

Deploy and Grow Globally

Deploy the VPS instances globally in any of the 20 international regions of your choice. Each region has multiple availability zones for even better reliability.

VPS Server Live Support

99.9% service uptime

99.9% Service

24/7 active support

24/7 Active

sla-back guarantee


free migration

Free Migration

Don’t just take our words for it
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    Thank you for support. It was a good experience talking to ZNetLive support as all queries were answered promptly.
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    Thank you Miss Neha and Mr. Vikalp for support & service. I am using ZNetLive's services from last 5 years and it was wonderful!
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    Thank you so much for the wonderful support. Highly satisfied with your service. I strongly recommend ZNetLive's service. Cheers!
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    ZNetLive support has helped me a lot, as I am not a technical person with the website.
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    As compared to other hosting providers ZNetLive is providing far better services & support. You must try it once.
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    I am using ZNetLive's services from two years. Excellent Service! Always ready to help. Big thanks to them.
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    Thank you so much Nitin Jain for your efforts in resolving my issues. 5 Stars ZNetLive!
    Saji Palakkad
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    Thank you so much for helping me (a person without a basic knowledge of hosting) to set up the services.
    Niskarsh Shrestha
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    Awesome service! Thanks to ZNetLive and their Billing team. I'm very grateful to you.
    Vishal Vikram Rajput
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    Ayyub Khan - Excellent support as you saved my business. Thank you so much for your help on time.
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    I really got best service from your customer care. Thank u very much ZNetLive!
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    Would like to appreciate the support provided by ZNetLive for our Server Migration. Thanks!
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    ZNetLive provides excellent services. I am re-seller of ZNetLive services and they always co-operate with me.
    Rai Singh
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    Customer care resolve problems within hours & they are good people, having patience to resolve the problems of customer.
    Mohan Gaddam
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    I had issues in restoring database. The technical support team provided excellent support over the phone. Thanks!
    Kiran Nadig
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    I would like to mention wonderful assistance ZNetLive provided on SMTP mail issue. Thanks to them!
    Upendra Singh
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    Call support is amazing! Fully satisfied with the explanation and quick resolution provided on my issue.
    Priya Gupta
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    Very good support from ZNetLive. We can get answers to any questions within minutes from them.
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    Very Nice Company with great service as compared to its competitors.
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    Thank you so much for the support. It really helped me. It was great talking to the team!
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    I got the best support from ZNetLive. I would also like to say thanks to ZNetLive support team. Good job.
    Hemant Singh

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VPS Hosting FAQs

  • What is a Virtual Private Server hosting?

    In Virtual Private Server (VPS), hosting is done on a virtual server, using a server virtualization technology. It partitions a computer virtually into multiple servers. Each user gets much more privacy and security as compared to the shared hosting i.e. you get the advantages of dedicated hosting but at considerably lower prices.
  • What is the advantage of choosing VPS hosting?

    In VPS hosting India or anywhere in the world, advantages of VPS are:
    • Zero Worries: Server maintenance is done by the VPS hosting provider.
    • Safety: You get your own IP address and mail server in our best VPS hosting plans, keeping your website protected from getting affected with other website's spamming.
    • Isolation and ownership: With your own resources and operating system, your website is totally safe. You also get root access, to have quick access and control to your VPS server.
    • Cost effective: VPS servers offer dedicated resources to your website at a considerably lower price than of dedicated server.
    • Scalability & Customization: Managed VPS hosting servers are quickly scalable, allowing you to customize according to the increase in website traffic.
  • What is the difference between VPS and Dedicated Server?

    FeaturesVPSDedicated Server
    CostLow as compared to dedicatedCostliest option
    ScalabilityScalableNot scalable
    SuitabilityWebsites with moderate trafficWebsites with high traffic & privacy sensitive data
  • Do you provide VPS server with SSD or HDD?

    ZNetLive provides SSD Drive with all VPS server plans. Your website's speed directly affects your visitor satisfaction and conversion rate. Websites hosted on SSDs load 300% faster than those hosted on traditional HDDs.
  • Which VPS plan should I choose?

    It's very important to evaluate the exact needs of your website first. Find out the nature of your website –informational, business, photo blog, etc.; traffic that you expect; resources like web space, sub-domains, bandwidth, database, etc. that you need. Share your requirement with us and we'll suggest the best cost-effective VPS plan.
  • Is it possible to Upgrade/Downgrade VPS plan

    Yes, it's possible to upgrade and downgrade VPS plans, just email to and we'll take care of your request.
  • Can I install my OS/web hosting panel on VPS hosting server?

    Yes, you can install operating system or web hosting panel of your choice on ZNetLive VPS.
  • How can I work on my VPS servers remotely?

    In the case Windows VPS hosting, you can use Remote Desktop and in the case of Linux VPS hosting, you can use SSH (Secure Shell Access) to work on the VPS servers remotely.
  • Do you offer dedicated IP with Virtual Private Server plans?

    Yes, you get dedicated IPs with your VPS account. With your own dedicated IP address, you can run your own web, e-mail and FTP servers.
  • Do you help to migrate site to VPS servers?

    Yes, we help migrate sites to VPS, but whether it will be free or paid, that is decided on case to case basis and depends on the number of factors like number of files, data volume, number of domains, apps, operating system and the hosting control panels.
  • How long will your VPS hosting take to setup?

    ZNetLive's virtual private servers are designed to get provisioned immediately, once we're done with our initial consultation to deliver you the best cost-effective VPS plan.
  • Which VPS backup software do you use?

    We take backup for our internal purpose only. For taking VPS backup on automation, it is recommended to buy Acronis Cloud Backup solution from ZNetLive.
  • Can I install any software on my VPS?

    Since you have the root access of your VPS, you can install any software that is compatible with your VPS hosting plan. However, any software that violates our Acceptable Usage Policy will not be allowed.
  • What kind of support or management is included with your VPS servers?

    Our 24x7 live support includes support for anything related to the panel (e.g. any functionality in the panel that is not working but it was supposed to work). While Management is for managing the complete services (it includes the monitoring, proactiveness, reporting, etc. and may require additional tools to be purchased by the customer. It will have a separate SoW and will be billed in addition to the service cost.)

Not looking for Linux VPS Server?

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  • Faster RAM
  • SQL Server Express
  • Instant provisioning
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  • Full root access
  • SSD Disk
  • CentOS
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Acronis Cloud backup
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  • Disaster Recovery Cloud
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  • SSAE 16 certified Data Centres
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