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What is middleware?

Middleware is a kind of software that connects various components of a software or enterprise applications. Also called as 'software glue', it acts as a bridge between the OS and the other applications on both sides of a distributed network. Its objective is to support some complex and distributed software applications.

As an infrastructure model, it supports :-

  • Business application creation.
  • Provide services like concurrency, threading, transactions, messaging and SCA framework for SOA applications.
  • Provides high security and availability of applications to your enterprise.
  • It includes web servers, CMS, application servers and other similar tools that support development of application and service delivery.
Middleware Security

ZNetLive Middleware Application Support

Build, run, manage and integrate your applications and web servers

Internet Information Server (IIS) represents a cluster of internet servers which also includes a web server, HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol server), and a FTP (File transfer protocol) server. It comes with added capabilities for Microsoft's Windows NT and the Windows 2000 server OS. It gives companies the ability to build pages for websites using the FrontPage product of Microsoft.

It is an open source execution of Java EE range of services. It includes a wide set of services for enterprise users who are in search of pre-configured versions of JBoss Enterprise Middleware mechanism that have been timely tested to provide high integrated experience to the users. It is popular because of its easy to use and flexible server architecture.

It is an open source container developed on the framework of Java Servlet by Apache foundation. It supports multiple Java EE features like Java Servlet, Java EL, JavaServer Pages, websocket and much more. Our Apache tomcat web application support comes with high system availability with real time software updates without affecting the live environment.

It is a software deployed to provide a web server. It helps in serving dynamic HTTP substance on the network using various application servers. It has an event driven approach to handle requests on the web server. It is known for its high availability and efficient performance.

Developed and managed by Apache software, it is the most popular web server software. It is open source and is free for users. It is a fast, secure and reliable web server. Its high customization capabilities make it an ideal choice for organizations to develop web pages.

It is an enterprise software solution by IBM known for its middleware application integration capabilities. Using this software, the end user can create apps and integrate these apps with other applications. As a software platform and middleware component, it hosts Java based web apps. Thus, it helps organizations to build and run business web sites.
Oracle WebLogic Server

It is a Java EE web application server developed by the Oracle corporation. It forms part of Oracle Fusion Middleware application and supports JDBC compliant databases. It also includes management of business processes and data mapping features.

Why choose ZNetLive?

Experience the ease of managing webserver and middleware applications

Development Tools for Building Applications
Development Tools for Building Applications
Our middleware solutions' support ensures that you have access to enterprise grade development tools to build applications for fulfilling specialized needs.
Content Management
Content Management
We manage central repository of documents, images, digital assets and other form of content in order to integrate it with company's applications, web sites and other business processes.
Affordable Enterprise Management
Affordable Enterprise Management
Our application middleware support management services allow you to focus on your core competencies while leaving infrastructure management on us.
Streamlined Processes
Streamlined Processes
Our application support services are streamlined, so that there are no bottlenecks in the entire process. Our Middleware Application Support Specialists address all issues related to the middleware spectrum, ensuring quick query resolution and on-time help to save your time and effort.