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RV Site Builder is a browser based, advanced website building software that integrates easily with cPanel and DirectAdmin to provide seamless transition from website creation to its management. Its easy-to-follow workflow, social media plug-ins, 500+ business ready website templates and robust content management features make it easy for even non-programmers to create, market, and maintain a high-end and fully functional website that is responsive and compatible for all PCs, smartphones, and tablets across popular browsers.

The RV Site Builder is a great way to build a professional looking web site up and online easily and in no time. With it, users are not only limited to the templates provided by the Site Builder software but they can also create their own templates by using its latest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) feature to have a unique and customized website of their own!

RV Site Builder offers multiple features, some of them are as follows:

  • Fully integrated to cPanel
  • Customizable Templates
  • Social media plug-ins
  • Advanced WYSIWYG editor
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Unlimited end-users

How do I use RV Site builder?

In order to start using RV website builder, login to your cPanel with the username and password that was provided to you in the welcome email sent at the time of your account registration. In the control panel, scroll down to the Software / Services area and then click on the RV site builder button.

Select RV Site builder in Control Panel

Then a screen appears in which you will see the buttons with STEP1 to STEP7, click on that button and start following the instructions provided by its step by step navigator. The steps involve

Create new website: Enter the name of the organization, title of the website, upload a logo and fill other details.

Click on Create Web Site Provide Your Business Details Here

Select Template Style: Choose from 900+ available templates or select from the "Create DIY template" or "Export and Import" options in case you want to do everything yourself.

Select a Template of Your Choice

Select Your Website Style: Modify your website by making colour and layout changes.

Select the Website Style

Page Structure: Create and manage page structure by adding pages like "About Us", "Contact us" etc.

Create & Manage Structure of Page

Site Content: Edit the page and add content with WYSIWYG editor.

Edit Page & Add Content

Extra Custom Web Page Title: Set web page title that appears in the web browser and add additional components like page effects and a page name in web address, like Also set meta tags in this step to get your web pages indexed by a search engine.

Provide Additional Details & Set Meta Tags

Publish Your Web Site: Finally see preview, set website address and press publish to have your site published.

Publish Your Site

ZNetLive provides RV Site Builder software free with SSD hosting and shared hosting accounts; free and unlimited with every reseller account; and at a minimal price with its VPS hosting accounts. RV Website Builder Software allows website owners to not only create professional and responsive websites quickly but it also allows them to customize them as per their requirements.

Moreover, resellers can use this excellent software to generate additional revenue by building high-end websites for their end customers in minutes, or by simply offering it as a value added service to customers and letting them build the website for themselves. Click here to take a quick tour and see it in action for yourself.

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